Starfield spacecraft is faced with threats of Revoy-bombing in anticipation of launch

Starfield is undoubtedly the most anticipated game on Xbox this year. Since the announcement of the role -playing game, the output of which is scheduled for September 6, 2023, it is looking forward to it.

However, all this hype attracted both positive and negative attention around the world, and some angry users are preparing to blow up the game on the eve of its release.

Why is it important: lately "Revoy-bombing" has become an unpleasant trend in the gaming industry, and this causes serious fears among Metacritic, since almost every popular game receives meaningless negative reviews.

Reckoning time, we must do this for Final Fantasy 16, Horizon, Gran Turismo, Last of Us and any other game from which XBOT cries and bombing with reviews as an answer. I am doing the same, I already have 100 accounts.

As you can see above, the Twitter user claims to be preparing 100 Starfield Revoy-Bombings.

However, this is only one example of such users. Another user answered this tweet, saying that he already has 600 accounts that are preparing for the exit of the game Bethesda Game Studios.

One user trying "sink" The expected game is already bad enough, and numerous users, following the example, create a bad precedent for all major game releases in the future.

Do not worry, I talked with many players on PS. I know one who has 600 accounts on Metacritic, ready to fill up the game, you are in good hands Lol

Negative reviews of games in many cases are justified, but these examples clearly show that such users leave bad reviews in order to spoil the reputation of new releases.

There can be several reasons for the appearance of Revoy-bombing recently, but a significant part is associated with modern rivalry between fans of consoles, such as PlayStation and Xbox.

Since Metacritic does nothing to stop such behavior, angry fans on both sides are deliberately striving to do everything possible to undermine the new releases of competitors.

This led to the fact that Revoy-bombing has become a common trend. Previously, games such as Final Fantasy 16 and Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom became victims of thousands of negative reviews on Metacritic.

However, Starfield is a very intriguing game. Despite the fact that Starfield remains more than two weeks, the game is popular in Steam, and many already consider it a serious contender for the title of game of the year.

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