Rogue-Like Shuther Get to the Orange Door received the largest update

The latest update, called the “Secrets of the split”, contains the largest number of new content and adds the creation of weapons, running modifiers, saving functions and much more, which allows players to explore twice as many levels with a higher degree of configuration.

Gttod: Get to the Orange Door, the first-person parkour from the developer Layers Deep and the publisher of Hitcents, received a new update of Secrets of the Shatter for the players in early Steam access, offering significant improvements and expansion. The update includes craft and conservation mechanics, a significant increase in the number of available levels, as well as other new functions and changes.

In a new update, several functions of the quality of life have appeared, which will undoubtedly improve the impressions of the players, as well as the possibility of preserving in the middle of the game, allowing gamers to suspend and leave when it is necessary. At the same time, deadly and tactical objects can now be combined to create weapons for a greater variety and a thinner strategy. These so popular functions, along with a new training level, serve even more openness GTTOD for those who first start playing the game, and also provide veterans with alternative styles of games.

These are far from the only additions: among other things, the update opens the elements of prey, more locations, additional curses and blessings, as well as new formidable enemies, including elite enemies. In the latest levels, special attention is paid to high -octane battles GTTOD and the use of weapons, from which each shot is in the account. “Secrets of the Shatter” also adds a “wall settings” game system to the user chosen by the user, which provides more opportunities for the accurate configuration of the gameplay than ever before. Changes in the system of improvement and progress of the game will further increase the experience of players, as they gain powerful abilities and increase their skills.

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