School United 1944 starts in early access in mid -December

Novarama Spanish developer announced the output of United 1944 in early Steam access on December 12. United 1944 is an innovative multiplayer shooter in the first person, demonstrating the Second World War in a new way.

To celebrate this announcement, the open beta version of the United 1944 starts today, which will allow the players to look in the anticipation of the exit in early access to Sunday, November 19. You will find two large cards and two unique game modes: the battle in France, where the advance of the allies inside was at the peak after day “D”, or North Africa, where the battles for control over large regions had an important impact on the change in the course of the war. Go into “dominance”, a team battle 16 to 16 with the construction of the base and the control of the territory, or go into the “survivor” mode, which will turn you into a lone wolf in the midst of World War II. You will collect resources, strengthen bases, protect the avantists, create your equipment and fight enemies in the battles of World War II, which should be realistic, but based on an exciting gaming process.

Novarama said that the third card will appear in the early access of United 1944, on which players will go to the open French countryside, where they will fight for control of farms, storm bunkers, protect the fortified positions on the tops of the hills and open fields to stop the advance of the enemy. New home-made pistols will also be presented in the early access, including a semi-automatic gun with a free shutter for continuous fire at a medium and close distance, as well as an automatic submachine gun, inspired by the Polish pistol Behovets with its religious upper shutter.

As a result, the total content released on December 12 will include two game modes, three large cards, more than 20 types of weapons and more than 40 skills, and at the beginning of 2024 there will be even more.

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