For the PC version of Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart, the first small update was released

NIXXES and Insomniac Games studio released the first PC version of Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart. The update is small and contains several corrections – this is a hotfix.

Thank you for the game Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart on PC! We are pleased to welcome so many new players in this cult franchise and value all the reviews that you share with us.

  • Now the filtering of the textures should work normally.
  • Increased the quality of vegetation reflections when using rays trace.
  • The quality of vegetation shadows is increased when using rays trace.
  • Fixed problems with the drawing of characters on some video cards, including AMD Vega.

But a cool toy, especially the cartoon in the non -gameplay. It is not realistic, as if Picksar or so you watch the cartoon at this time
But also a special gratitude to this game (more precisely, a common bright visual) that I again remembered which direction to twist the sharpness scaling so that when using FSR, DLSS and others to make the picture more clearly.

Whatever they write about lags and bugs in this game, I still took it and just bought it.
I wanted to. Patchi will be fixed. Yaro is a cool campaign. Never played and is not at all familiar with Ratchet games & Clank. Well, they drove.

It would be better to fix the departure on fucking rails at the beginning of the game

It was like this.

AMD is not even surprised)

I have not yet updated the game, but I have no such (on the first version).

I wanted to ask: and this is what after a patch or something?

Before the patch, the patch was corrected. Sonya saved again on tesers.

The game is super! 9900k 3060 12GB on maximums, but there are bugs, we are waiting for patches!

Passed the game yesterday (27.07) For 2 sessions on heroic complexity (the last), he played at Dualsens with triggers and vibration, he waited for a good time, though some kind of high price was and I just bought and preloaded activation. There were some drawdowns, FPS in some Loki with kneads fell to 55. And so usually kept up to 100. One of those games on the plain with RDR2 where I wanted to enjoy all the time, unreal beauty. Played in 4K, on ​​ultras, without rays with DLSS for quality RTX3090 Ti

There is some meaning in the game from complexity ?

Achivka or some kind of unlocked content ?

Well, the meaning of difficulties only for pleasure + I played on a dualsens with adult triggers. Only on the last boss did 20 times died. You can’t die on the lightest difficulty, literally. Mobs do not cause damage to you)

Departures need to be corrected. The wires did not pass further than the sliding.

I played a few hours yesterday. Not a single departure!

Here someone is lucky, but judging by the reviews on the forum and in Steam, many fly out.

It flies out in all of whom video cards have less than 12 GB of video memory on board. The story is the same as with a floodplain. The game is ported from the console with 16 GB of memory. What are those who are sitting on 8 gigs straps I do not understand))

Eh, I regret that I did not buy 3090. It cost exactly $ 1000 more at the time of the exit in Belarus. – $ 2500

xs flew out once in 5 hours of game, when you go down to the elevator with a bot "Bodryak".

RTX 3050 i5 12400F 16 I play in medium

you’re chasing there again? Hotfix is ​​written

Sho is already an update ? )

1660S even on low stable 60 fps. Hmm

Throw off the link to the renewal, since for some reason it will not appear here

On 1060 and i3 10105 there is 50-60 play cool, only with voice acting I had to dance at the tambourines

What’s wrong with voice acting?

Fucked flights would be better

This is for sure, and most importantly, the departures of ramps, you can play for an hour or 15 minutes, it is not clear because of what. Game for SSD M2, memory 32 GB., RTX 4080, what else do you need a dog?)))
With The Last of US, I walked from the 1st release on maximum shoes, no glitches, no sorties, magic))

Increase the swing file.

Cut Rebar, in Steam, people complain about departures due to Resize Bar

I have disconnected Resais Bar, 1 chren flies out)

Ryzen 2700 16GB 1660ti. Firstly, it is better to put on nvme to a toy. On low average 60FPS with subsidence up to 54FPS Optimizon is normal. And 8 or 16 gig video memory is needed for 4K images. And then you will not even see the difference with a microscope.

Video guide higher look. PR managers NVMA Damn

Since the time of PS 2, I have been a fan of this series played in all parts.

My NTEL Core i7-7700K system (did not disperse at least the opportunity) resolution 3840×2160 (4K) Vidyaka 3060 Aorus Elite V2.0 (this is a more powerful version of the standard 3060), Windows 10 licensed. with all updates, the game is installed on SSD.

Settings everything that can be at a maximum + dlss performance, that is, it scales from 1080r to 4K = 50-60 FPS, depending on the location, the rays are disconnected.

The game eats 11 gigs of video memory, and this is in 1080r (scale up to 4k) without RTX rays.

No bugs and.T.D. I did not notice.

Most problems are as usual for owners of cards with 8 gigs of video memory, if you look at the tests, you will see that RTX 3060 overtakes RTX 3070, precisely because it has only 8 gigs and 3060 12 gigs of video memory. Another sad outcome of 8 gig cards as it was in the Resident Evil 4, Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, The Last of US Part I and.T.D.

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