Closed beta testing of the post-apocalyptic MMORPG ASHFALL will begin on August 3

Netease Games announced that the Ashfall closed beta testing, the new post-apocalyptic mmorpg of their own development, will begin in North America on August 3, offering players the opportunity to enjoy the game both on mobile platforms and on the PC. Closed beta version will last two weeks, which will allow players to explore this exciting new world and test its innovative game mechanics.

In the world of Ashfall, humanity was devastated by a nuclear war unleashed by the forces of artificial intelligence. As one of the few survivors, you must get out of a safe shelter to find the core of creation – the key to salvation of what is left of the world. Thanks to the unique post -apocalyptic setting, an exciting plot and the dynamic game process Ashfall promises to become an unforgettable game experience that will force the players to return again and again.

During closed beta testing, players will receive:

  1. Eastern Wasteland. Ashfall settings are a mixture of classic post -apocalyptic elements with oriental cultures in music, architecture, monsters and customs, creating a magnificent and exciting world of wasteland.
  2. Musical holiday of the desert world. Music for Ashfall was the Oscar -nobed composer Hans Zimmer, the Hollywood music master Steve Maczaro and Inon Zur, the musical producer of the Fallout series.
  3. Exciting adventure and the path of improvement. Fight enemies, conclude transactions with robots, create your own equipment and explore the edge of the world.
  4. Cross -platform game. Ashfall supports both a single adventure and a multi -user game with a multi -platform cross -platform game.

“Our long -term vision of Netease Games has always been to push the boundaries of the possible in games. In Ashfall, we presented an innovative mixture of eastern and western elements in the post -apocalyptic genre of MMORPG. We believe in constant innovation, and with every game we are developing, we strive to offer our players something new and interesting, ”said Ethan Van, senior vice president of Netease Inc.

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