Players are outraged by the fact that in order to obtain seasonal awards in Diablo 4, you need to create a new character

More than two weeks have passed since the debut of Diablo 4. The last part of the series liked the players with their rich plot campaign and various side effects. However, this is not all. Soon we will see the beginning of the first season with a cosmetic military pass.

Although the exact date of launch has not yet been named (approximately July), the network has important information that many players feared. It turns out that entry into every season will require players creating a character from scratch. Without this, they will not be able to receive further levels of military pass and rise by seasonal rating. This information was shared by the CEO of the brand, Rod Ferguson in response to a journalist question.

Many players clearly did not like this information. And not surprising. Achieving the maximum level in Diablo 4 – the task is not easy. Many players spent a lot of time developing their characters. It is safe to say that many will not be interested in starting a game with a new character only in order to pump him again, as well as repeat most of the already completed content.

Here are a few examples of player comments:

Like a beginner in seasonal games Diablo. This is suck. All efforts to create my current characters are in vain?

In fact, this is my first Diablo, but I am disappointed that I can’t concentrate on my main character to advance by season, as is the case in Destiny. Of course, in the process I learn about other classes, but due to the further development of my main character. How I play does not allow both to make both.

This will never work for most players. I hope you have a plan B in case the number of users fall by 90%

The reason for which it is necessary to create a new character in each season according to the developers is that supposedly everyone should be in equal terms when a combat pass is reached. But given the fact that the military pass consists only of cosmetics is a rather strange reason.

Obviously, the best decision would be to give any character access to combat missing. And already those who want to participate in the pumping race to get into the leaders table can create a new character.

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