Spanish extremists are trying to sabotage Ecumene Aztec, threatening the developers and posing for them

A few days ago, an independent Giantscraft studio (currently renamed Ecumene Games) introduced the Ecumene Aztec world – a role -playing game with survival elements and the open world.

The game will allow players to take on the role of the Aztec warrior during the Spanish invasion of Central America in the 16th century. Thanks to gameplay, which is very reminiscent of the original games of the Assassin’s Creed series, the game seems an interesting sentence for those who like games in stealth-style. But not everyone liked this setting.

According to The Verge, shortly after the announcement of the game, the developers responsible for its creation became victims of persecution by ultra -right extremists. In addition to threats of reprisals, the fanatics also began to impersonate Giantscraft/Ecumene Games for developers.

As a result, they reserved the Giantscraft, which is full of links that promote Spanish imperialism. Each visitor of the site is met by a quote attributed to Ernana Cortes – one of the conquistadors responsible for the destruction of Tenochtitlan – and the Burgundy Cross, associated with the Spanish royalists, ultra -righte -American extremists and Nazis. In addition, the site has a link to Instagram profile (also an imperialist nature).

It is worth noting that GiantScraft has recently been rebranded in Ecumene Games. The developers have no site yet, but only the official channel on YouTube.

The hype around Ecumene Aztec is growing not only because of the above attacks, but also because of the topic of the game itself. Although many praise developers for an interesting idea, there is also criticism of the too stereotypical approach of developers to civilization of the Aztecs and the lack of the opportunity to play for the conquistadors.

The developers accepted the community remarks to their hearts and have already announced that they would make the expected changes to make the game more relevant history. The main character will find both allies and enemies between his people and newly arrived. For example, the game to offer a choice between joining the conquistadors to combat the caste of priests, making victims and joining the Aztec soldiers to repulse newcomers. Tenochtitlan will be processed. And in general, developers promise to try to do everything possible to make the game more historically reliable.

And although there is still not so much information about Ecumene Aztec, we know that the game will offer us three class classes: Jaguar Warrior, Eagle Warrior, Snake Warrior, thanks to which we can adapt the gameplay to our own preferences.

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