Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat can be tested in July

If you like to play on mobile devices, and you are a fan of the Devil May Cry franchise, then you should pay your attention to the future OBT Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat. Already on July 6 of this year, open beta testing will be held, where owners of smartphones running Android will be able to test part of the new slasher content and leave useful reviews for developers. By the way, the test will take place in Europe, America and Asia.

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat is a conditionally paying project for smartphones, where players have to fight with a huge number of enemies in the style of the already legendary series of DVIL MAY CRY. In addition to plot missions, various dungeons with hordes of creatures and complex bosses will be available, for the destruction of which awards are issued.

Since 2007 I have been a fan of this series of games. Played in all parts and gnawed them to the holes, and then the holes chuckle to the holes. I even played in artifacts such as the Japanese demo version of the first part. I also tried to follow third -party projects. U Capcom There were Napoleonic plans to create all sorts of spin offs. Different games planned to be released on PSP and Wii, and to make a game about the lady, and about Spard. But they still did not dare. But then I went through a rumor that the Chinese decided to create a mobile version.

When the first trailer for this craft came out, it was called Pinnacle of Combat, and looked like a troika remake. Although I did not see the point of making a remake of the game that to this day is playing steeply, but still followed the development of events.

When she went into a release in China, I watched the videos on YouTube. There is no storyline. There are playable ladies and Virgil there. Demons, bosses and surroundings are a cross between previous parts with redesign. In general, it does not look bad for a mobile game, but in terms of gameplay. It is specifically inferior to the console and computer versions of the main parts, because due to the features of the management of the mobile version, the combat system is specifically suffering. This type of gameplay will quickly get tired and so that this does not happen too quickly, all sorts of mobile features were introduced there, in the form of barriers to the lack of daily energy to launch the passage of plot missions.

In addition, this game most likely does not work without connecting to the Internet. Although in this case I could be mistaken, because I myself did not test. If I am not mistaken, I see no reason to play this game. For all the progress, after a sharp closure of servers in the event of an unsuccessful start of the game, will disappear. In addition, I hate the manipulative gacha mechanics. And they are there there. Costumes, skins of guns and cold weapons, and even additional characters. All this is there. As I know. Further conclusions do yourself.

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