Alan Wake 2 developers described in detail the structure of the game for two main characters

Alan Wake 2 seeks to shake the situation in comparison with his predecessor, who is more than ten years old, in many respects, and although the complete shift of the genres towards the horror for survival is one of the biggest changes, there is much more. The key point is actually the fact that the game has two gaming main characters, and in the new video published by IGN, the developer of Remedy Entertainment spilled more light on how the game is suitable for its unique structure with two main characters.

Alan Wake is still trapped in a dark place where he ended up at the end of the original game, and, having spent more than ten years in this alternative dimension, persecuted by sinister forces, it is obvious that all this affected his broken mind. There is also Saga Anderson, an FBI agent who is investigating the murder in the real world, in the city of Bright Folls.

As expected, your experience will vary significantly depending on what character you control. In any case, the game pays less attention to battles and action than its predecessor, but uses different approaches to the pace, atmosphere and the study of both characters. For example, the sections of the saga are described as “expectation of a battle”, while the sections of Alan are much more focused on surreal, supernatural things and psychological horrors.

There is also a “place of mind”, a place completely inside the saga mind, where it works on its investigations and uses tips to demistify new details, discoveries and paths forward. Meanwhile, Alan has its own version called the “writer’s room”. The mechanics of both games are the same, but each of them is enclosed in a different narrative context.

As for how the game distributes the time between both characters, the players will be given great freedom in this regard. In each rest room, which is a version of the safe rooms of Alan Wake 2, players will be able to switch between two characters, which means that you are given great control and flexibility in choosing the order in which you want to go through the history. Would you like to continue to jump between a saga and alan or prefer to experience their stories one after another without interruptions? The story is built so that it allows both styles.

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