The developers of the intriguing PAX Dei talk more about the fantasy MMO sandwich

Mainframe Industries spoke at the PC Gaming Show Summer Game Fest 2023 with almost twenty-minute deep immersion in the upcoming social mmo-sandwich Pax Dei.

Sulka Haro, co -founder and chief director of Pax Dei products, spoke about Pax Dei prerequisites:

Imagine that you are in an amazing, huge beautiful world. You find yourself in the forest, and your task is to find a site where you begin to build a house and go out of it in search of adventure to explore the world. This is the main task of the player, but you not only build a house yourself, but also find other players to build a whole village and go through adventures together and improve the quality of life of your clan. You can do all this in social form and really cooperate with other players, and not do it alone. You will see how other people build the same villages and cities, and you can go to them, trade and do all those social interactions that you could ever imagine in the game.

The area of ​​the game you can play when the game enters the market is called Gallia and is very similar to the real world in the south of France with the influence of the northern countries, where our developers’ team came from.

Haro also said that the equipment available in Pax Dei was developed taking into account medieval reality, so there will be no strange spikes on your armor, although they will rely on beautiful and intricate patterns to inspire beauty.

Later in an interview, Mainframe Industries, Chief Director of Products, said that new players will not have to wait before making a significant contribution to the efforts of their clan.

We put minimal barriers on the way to how you can interact with other players. While most MMO put many barriers to interacting with other players, we are fundamentally different from them. From the first minute, when you start playing Pax Dei, you can do with other players everything you imagine. You can trade with other people, you can help literally from the very beginning of your trip in the game to go to the raid on dungeons if you find people who will help you in this.

Another interesting aspect of Pax Dei is that things like magic will not simply be transmitted to every player. On the contrary, there is a certain degree of research and even deduction, and some players can find completely unique spells.

You can find a magic spell that no one had seen before, and you can hear rumors about a magic spell that someone found. Instead of the NPC to force you in the throat of history that you do not have time to listen, because you simply will not get XP and gold, here you read books about locations in the world, because you can find hints about hidden trap doors in them , hidden secrets, hidden spavna. Something can happen on a special day or with a certain location of stars. It can be simple things, but they can be very difficult when the whole community is gathering together to try to unravel these huge secrets.

Pax Dei has no exit dates, but you can sign up for an alpha test on the official website. You can also add the game to the list of the desired Steam.

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