Starfield has “good non -lethal options”, but pacifist passage is not “fully possible”

Starfield will allow you to get out of many troubles, but the developers argue that the pacifist passing of a cosmic role -playing game is not "fully possible".

As part of the discussion in Discord, the leading quest designer Will Shen and the leading designer Emil Paljarulo discussed the possibility of completely non -violent passage Starfield, t.e. The idea is not to kill anyone or, perhaps, nothing at all.

"I cannot guarantee that all missions can be held in pacifist mode, but we have several systems that will help in this", – Shen began. "One of them is Speech Challenge, in which you can convince someone to do something, for example, not to fight with you". As we learned earlier this year, the Starfield dialog system looks like a modern embodiment of belief in Oblivion, which cannot but rejoice.

We talked about this very early, even during the preaks, about whether we will fully support "Nonal" game process. We realized that for various reasons this is not entirely feasible", – Explains Paljarulo. "But, despite this, there are some good options for non -lethal passage, whether it is a dialogue or the use of non -lethal weapons. They can be used in certain situations, frankly, in many situations, although I cannot say with confidence that you can go through the whole game without murders.

Shen clarifies that "Speech Challenge is added in certain scenario moments, and we try to add it to most quests where important characters face you".

Pagliarulo adds that although "Populated systems are mainly civilized", Players "absolutely do not go along the beaten path" And more likely they will face great dangers in the trenches and on the outskirts of the world, and they, it seems, do not really like to talk.

Today, Starfield officially went to gold, the preliminary load on Xbox will begin tomorrow, August 17. PC players will have to wait until August 30 to get pre -loading a huge role -playing game.

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