The last chance for the Russian voice acting DLC ​​Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty

At the moment, the amateur dubbing studio Game Voice has not decided on what major project they would take up this fall, in their last voiced trailer for the game Alan Wake 2, they wrote the following:

This does not mean that the project will definitely go to work, but now we are thinking about taking up one of the major autumn releases. What exactly will it be? We do not know yet.

After that, one of the users decided to support the fees on Star Wars Jedi: Survivor attaching the following message:

To which I received an answer from the studio Game Voice:

Previously, the studio categorically denied the possibility of voice acting DLC ​​Phantom Liberty. But apparently there is still a chance that it can happen. Choose which project can become the next you can go to their VKontakte group.

Even earlier, even earlier, CD Projekt Red confirmed that the Phantom Liberty addition to the Cyberpunk 2077 will not receive voice acting in English. The release of DLC Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty is planned on September 26, 2023.

I would not call this amateur studio) the quality is exactly the same as that of official voice acting, the only difference is that now their work has to be paid to ordinary hard workers..

yes, in risen 3, it is noticeable that amateur

I agree, voice acting at their professional level! Control was not long ago in their voice acting, not worse than the same officers

Perhaps they call an amateur because of not very well -chosen voices, if you look with profiles. points of view. For ordinary people, all this can be imperceptibly and for them it is a pros, because the sound quality of the top, what else is needed?

There are no questions to the votes and actors of dubbing there, on the contrary.

I think they call her amateur because she is, in principle, an unofficial dubbing studio, such as Mechanics Voiceover, Cool-Games or if you take as an example anime and films (studio gang, Flarrow Films and RHS).

Hmmm. Sound already voiced. What for?

They probably wanted to negotiate with dubbing actors who voiced the original game, so there was uncertainty. There should not be any other problems, localization is in demand, the required amount will be quickly collected.

In the sense of in demand? Immediately they usually say that cyberpunk is not needed. Sd Prodzkt Red Twestyls and so on.

Well, the fact that the Poles behaved like g.This is a fact

Egor Vasiliev said many times that he was not going to participate in this, took a fundamental position. I hope they will be able to convince as a result.

They will take out a suburb, locked in the basement and put in front of them a microphone and voice acting text? Until it voices – they will not release?:)

They chase several hares, and as a result, not a single sensible one was released. At the beginning of the year, they worked on voice acting for Hogwarts, now Star VARS, and then still Alan Wake, also Cyberpank. In general, you can go through all games in the original and forget.

I believe that this is a little not the situation where this expression could be applied. If the number of employees/people interested in creating localizations, in one form or another, for the video game allows simultaneous work on several projects, then why not? Or in your opinion, the studio should take one project and not touch the other until the completion of the already begun? And what to do people not busy in working on an already started project? And besides, the actors of the voice actors, I believe, are taken from the side, and this is the bulk of people working on voice, respectively, from the studio itself, people involved in the project are not so many. Many may work in parallel on several projects.

Go to the official website of the studio or to the group in VK and see how many sensible they released. Their localization is a cut above the same r.G. Mvo or any other studio engaged in the voice of video games.

Worked and continue to work to this day. Localization was originally planned to be released before the end of the year, nothing changed, until the end of the 23rd four more months left. Given what stage the project is at – I think the case is for small and the team will meet on time.

Now? They have been working on localization since the release of the game, and this is four months like. And yes, they still have not gained the right amount, which indicates the disinteresting of players in the localization of this game, which as if pushing not to waste big forces on the project, until the collection of funds is open. Not from their own pocket participants in the studio to pay voice acting actors.

Phantom Liberty’s localization, like Alan Wake 2, has not yet announced. Yes, in the studio they think about voicing additions to Cyberpunk 2077, but they probably understand all the difficulties that they may come across for the project, so there is no announcement from the studio itself – it’s too early to talk about either.

Pass and forget, and adequate, sane people who understand that the voicing of the video game is not done in a couple of days will wait for the full English localization performed at a professional level.

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