According to Todd Howard, and Starfield starships specially made stupid

AI of enemy ships at Starfield, according to the gamer Director Todd Howard, was significantly simplified compared to the early developments of Bethesda. Space battle in Starfield, like most other game systems, can be difficult and useful if players devote time to him. However, from the point of view of complexity, the current space battle in Starfield is just a shadow of what was before.

Space battle in Starfield is an amazingly controversial topic. There is a significant part of the Starfield community, which simply does not enjoy the battles with AI of enemy spaceships. This is partly due to the complexity of the cosmic battle. Players say that if there are more than one opponents, then it is very difficult to survive. Some players recommend switching the difficulty level of Starfield to "Very light", What makes space battles much more comfortable.

Todd Howard, Game Director of Starfield Bethesda, recently spoke about the complexity of space battles as part of the AIAS Game Maker’s Notebook podcast. During the conversation, Howard explained that, "It turns out that in cosmic battle you need to make AI very stupid". This statement was made after Howard described the space battle in Starfield as something similar to "duel", Perhaps, bearing in mind that the battle took place quickly and unpredictably.

A decrease in the level of artificial intelligence of enemy ships in Starfield allowed to make fighting more consistent.

It turned out that the AI ​​needs to be very stupid. Enemy ships should fly, and then turn to the player and as if to offer: "Hey player, why don’t you shoot me a little?". As soon as we decided on the pace and movement of enemies, everything immediately worked.

Howard also mentioned some video games that influenced the development of space battle gameplay in Starfield. He mentioned FTL and the old games of the Mechwarrior series, which can be seen in the setting of ships in Starfield. However, these systems are softened, which, according to Howard, was necessary so that players could understand them without "the need to pause the game in space".

Only Starfield players can judge how successful Howard’s attempts were to make a space battle accessible and fascinating. It was possible or not, but it is difficult to say that the space battle in Starfield should be more difficult than it is. Nevertheless, a fight that looks more like "duel", It sounds exciting in its own way.

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