The creators of Terraria condemn the new Unity policy and donate more than $ 200,000 to other game engines

In protest against ambiguous changes in tariffs on the Unity game engine, Terraria De-Logic De-Logic plans to donate $ 100,000. For two alternative options with open source, and in the future make donations monthly "for the future".

"Re-Logic team with interest and sadness monitors the recent events around Unity", – stated in the statement of the studio on Twitter. "The loss of a previously leading and convenient game engine with dark forces, which negatively affect most of the game industry, to put it mildly, upset us. Although we personally do not use Unity (with the exception of some elements on our console and mobile platforms), we believe that we cannot sit back, observing how these predatory steps are taken everywhere".

Further, in the statement in very unambiguous expressions, the recent actions of Unity are condemned. Speaking more specifically, Re-Logic claims that she will donate 100 thousand. Doll. On the open engine of Godot Engine and FNA, and monthly donations of 1 thousand. Doll. will continue, it seems, endlessly. Terraria is one of the most successful indie games of all time, so the developers undoubtedly have something to profit from.

If you do not understand what was discussed up to this point, then Unity is a game engine (in fact, the basic software used to develop games), which has become one of the most popular options in the market, especially for indie developers. Many games work on this engine, from Pokemon Go to Slay. Now Unity states that it makes changes to this policy, but has not yet clarified what kind of changes.

"We unconditionally condemn and reject the recent changes to TOS and tariffs proposed by Unity, as well as how dishonestly they were introduced", – stated in today’s statement Re-Logic. "The frivolous manner is most upset, with which many years of confidence in Unity was thrown aside for the sake of the next way to press the publishers, studios and gamers. The fact that this step was completely unnecessary, translates the situation into the category of tragedy – an instructive story that the industry will not forget soon".

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