The release of The Crew Motorfest on PC and consoles took place

Today, September 14, the release of the final version of the Arcadian Auto Simm The Crew Motorfest, on the occasion of Ubisoft and the Ivory Tower studio recently rolled out a trial trailer. The race is available in versions for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. At the same time, early access to the game was opened since September 11.

In addition, there is a trial version of The Crew Motorfest, which can be driven over 5 hours. It will be available until September 17 on all platforms.

The new game presents about 600 cars, which is a record for the series.

Earlier, the PC and console versions of The Crew Motorfest appeared on the Web.

I liked the first, I bought the second one and regretted it, I played with the strength of 10 hours from the moment I was released, I try to start playing it every year, all the same there was a lot of renewal, but in fact, this is just a dull bottom, and not a game, for completely Small children will go, no more, although the trailers were fun, this is now swinging, I doubt very much that it is better.

Yes, there is the grafon full bottom, take your eyes out, the limit of personnel -60, played an hour and was disappointed.

There were 1 more physics and all the USA. In 2 khny physics and plot 0. At 3, I play for free 5 hours, physics has become better, graphon norms, there are no reflections in the mirrors, the card is less than 1 part at times, instead of the plot playlists

there is no where to buy it so they went nah))) in Steam it will come out for 60 percent of it then you can snatch it

15 rubles in gampas in a couple of weeks

Will she be in gapas?

He confused, there Forza Motorsport will be

You’re talking about force or hook?

There is no OF Infa about Gaspas about Cry.

Hmm. I played it. He could not stand it for a long time. After 2 hours Forza Horizon 5, any other arcade is perceived as just a curve copy of the Forza. In terms of physics, I mean. She is not perfect of course in the Fores, but she is very pleasant (personally to me). Xs where the commentators below saw the physics of the iron.

The worst in the new The Crew is a car glued to the road. Even after a jump, she is attracted back as a magnet. And if in the same Forza you feel the car strike against the road, then this is not in The Crew. The handbrake is generally better not to touch. The car behaves like predictably, but I personally do not like this physics.

Jobs well done, which rolled out free access for 3 days. I tried it. Not mine. I’ll go further to tremble for

what a disgrace. Even in the Driver 2 game on PS1 2000, a jump from the bridge and the car strike on the ovalt is felt and there are even damage to cars and the control physics is better than in this new CreW

According to your description, the physicist reminded of driving from Watch Dogs 2. Similar to her? Otherwise I think to download, try, and if you look like, then I will not spend time.)

Well, if distant. But driving, personally, I did not like it at all. Too light, too arcade. As if you are not a real machine, but toy.

Better try to play yourself. Especially right now free access. You leave the Uplay account, turn on VPN (I used Tunnelbar) and enter the account. Downloading is available. You download and try. By the way, I did not understand why some YouTubes praised her so for the graphon (they say Grafon pulled up. Compared to the last part, it can be, but compared to other games is not at all quoted). On ultras, such soap. The same Forza Horizon 5 does not reach. I would say that even to Forza Horizon 4 in terms of graphics does not reach. And physics is generally weaving somewhere far away.

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