In patches 1.49 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator will appear HDR Skyboxes, Moon and new weather effects

In update 1.49 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator developers will present a number of improvements that will further improve your impressions of virtual cargo transportation. Let’s take a look at the visual additions that are waiting for you on your travels.

First of all, by numerous requests, the developers added the moon to the night sky! This is a thin, but wonderful touch that adds an additional level of realism and surprise to your virtual adventures on trucks. Curious, but what may seem like a simple addition – the moon – for some time created serious problems. The integration of the Moon into the night sky demanded, among other things, drawing, rendering and calculating lunar light, controlling reflection in reservoirs, working with wet roads and eliminating mirror effects. Nevertheless, the developers were finally able to include in the playing night sky something as fundamental as the moon.

In addition to this, the developers also rethought the night sky, adding dynamic stars that gently flicker, increasing the general reliability of night impressions.

Finally, Skyboxes will now have an expanded dynamic range (HDR), which means that the colors of the sky will be more saturated and bright, and the visual effects of the weather are also updated. Thunderstorms now include visible zipper, which provides more exciting experience. And be sure to follow the night sky in certain regions: you can be pleasantly surprised by what you notice.

Summing up, the developers also prepared for a special video that demonstrates all these changes. Also, keep in mind that all this is still under development and that everything that you showed you today can still be changed.

Thanks to these additions, update 1.49 is designed to increase the realism and beauty of your world of cargo transportation, promising a more charming and exciting journey.

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