The authors of Project Zomboid talked about some systems and gaming mechanics that will appear in the future

In the new diary of the developer published in Steam, he talks in detail about "Build 42 technical renewal branch", which is a continuation of the Build 41 and contains many experimental technological updates and changes.

Perhaps the most interesting of them is the blacksmithing system, which, according to The Indie Stone, "has come a long way in the last month".

According to The Indie Stone, in Project Zomboid "Most objects that, according to the logic of things, can be made by blacksmithing in real life, can be made by blacksmithing in the game". As a result, it turns out "more durable, artificial version" standard item. As an example, you can cite a studded bat, a spear with a sharp tip and a sharp sword. Blacksmithing is also implemented quite deeply: you can create your own forge, then move on to the creation of a furnace, a mountain and even a domain furnace.

In addition to all of the above, the craft system also carries a completely new liquid system, and The Indie Stone claims that they work hard on "transforming existing systems into new liquid mechanics".

The above video shows work on dyes that can be organically mixed in a container, creating different colors. However, this is just an example, it seems that fluid mechanics will be used in other parts of the game, which will create a more exciting survival simulator.

Another thing that The Indie Stone is especially happy is the new doors mechanics in Project Zomboid.

The doors in the game will now behave more realistic: if earlier they just opened, now they will be animated using the buffer of the depth of the technological branch to increase the level of immersion and imitation of real doors.

This diary of Project Zomboid developers contains a lot of other interesting information, so if you are interested in how the technological branch of the game is developing, it is worth reading it completely here.

Among other innovations – additional votes when creating a character, various new strokes on the maps and improve the user interface for high resolutions.

If you are not yet familiar with the Project Zomboid, then this is a very ambitious survival indie, which has been in development since 2011.

The project is still in an early access stage, and experimental opportunities, such as a multiplayer regime for 100 players and others, are introduced as it is developed.

You can buy the game right now on a PC via Steam.

Rather, they would have finished with all this and have already begun to implement NPC people.

At first the beast will be, which is also cool.

Then the beast that will be at first is difficult to call full -fledged animals – they will be primitive and purely for the box, as animals are needed for craft. They will "too stupid even by the standards of animals". But a full-fledged animal will be simultaneously with people-nPS, in 43 builds.

I remember Lemmy jokingly wrote that they decided not to release the animals that use the NPS technology first, since "Talented models" could use this code and release advanced NPS before the developers, which would give an extra reason to reproach them for slowness.

Lemmy = Lemmy = let me = give me. (and some action)

I increase Ayku reader this 🙂

There are mods on NPS, curves but there are)

Well, they are crooked and very much load the system.

I’ve been waiting for Nekst Bild for a year to start playing.

I rang out about one and a half ago. I thought that something would come out by the New Year.. yeah, the new year is already coming, but they still do not give birth.

it seems they mentioned that by the end of the year they would bring 42 builds

The mechanics of liquids since her announcement have not come to me very much, but in general this is a matter of addiction. But blacksmithing seems interesting to me. The development of its base in the later stages of the game is now very meager. Of course, you can drag a bunch of different stuffs from the city to your base, but that is why it ends. And with similar updates, you can finally take yourself. And in the MP there will be application. Cool, krch.

And how are things with the basements? We have been waiting for 5 years

The basements have already shown earlier.

Again, the hydraulus was probably broken by their renewals where everything is already there)

Hydrocraft for a long time scored on his mod, in connection with the death of a relative, about five years already as.

The ego is renewed for the current version of the left people and so it is dead but in that corpse of the content of zomboid

Models have already done all this for a long time and even more!
There is nothing to do without cool mods there at all.

Well, the developers are doing everything now so that the players have something to do without mods.

Despite the fact that some models are really talented (it is not for nothing that they are taken to the team) and can do what the developers do not have time at the moment, because there are other parts of the game that require development, you should still not forget that that they ultimately have more and more worked out than in mods, and this is obvious.

For example, transport for transport – to builders from developers, in mods there were simply sprites of cars, not full -fledged cars, and I personally cannot imagine a person who will say that models had better. Later, cars began to make cars with complete animation of doors, windows, trunk, etc., For which the developers again began to blame, without even thinking that these mods use the technology of the developers themselves, which is already in the game code.

Another example is NPC. In NPC mods, these are just script, stupid, no suitable blanks for anything, although there are no suitable for bait or deforestation. The developers of the NPC have a player’s character, but with the AI ​​embedded in him, which allows NPC to imitate the movements of the players themselves and fully survive, doing everything that the player does, and not stupidly wander back and forth. But for some reason, for some reason, do not care and developers also reproach for NPC, type "Models have already made them, so why aren’t you yet?" Or, a more funny example – "There is already a mod on the NPC, let the developers agree with the author and finalize", – I met more than once and like. Ets.

Now the developers are making craft and reproach them for the fact that "there is hydracraft why this?", "Mododels have already done everything" etc. Yes, the models did it before, but the developers will do everything much better.

Developers and models do not compete, but help each other. While the developers are creating something new and global, models improve individual, already created aspects, helping at least somehow brighten up the expectation. And when the developers release their new craft system, along with new modding tools, models will certainly improve everything, but what models now have (hydrauli and not only) is not compared with what developers want to do.

It is necessary to at least slightly respect the work of the developers themselves and the time that they spend on that then there are no whiners, like "And this we were waiting for so much time?". And those "Cool" Fashion, which is now, will be able to become even cooler in the future, thanks to the developers.

How cool and full of you answered a comment. Players who are aching – in 95% of cases either bought a game for 150 rubles for a promotion, or played in a pirate of hours for 20 hours without studying even basic mechanics. But to pour that for 150r, that he thrusted from the Barsky shoulder a game where the mechanic was more than 30-40 aaa projects, then please – he expected more content with completely free updates that unrealistically convert the game and give a sip of fresh air.

As for me, they are now doing things that are very interesting to anyone. There are a bunch of other mechanics who need to be finalized or processed. And they are engaged in some liquids. It would be better if they actively worked with the engine. Even on the top configurations of the PC, you can’t calmly play somewhere in city quarters – wild frapers of FPS.

And they b. b votes and liquids for a million years. Hmm..

Fluids are a secondary topic
They finish blacksmithing, the roots of which began with found magazines
As for the engine, all the pain, due to the fact that it is 3D emulates 2D, it is all that rests, but they are unlikely to change the engine

And what is your top pc? I collected far from a far from 45k, in the largest city, stable 60 FPS with a 3x number of zombies. The game is mostly needed at least mediocre SSD.

In the sense of little interest to anyone? They change the dull craft system, making it global and interesting, and the balance, which is already 7 years old, if not more. If you read the comments of the community, then many people are waiting for craft even more than the same NPS. And the voices and fluids are only a small part of the update that they share.

Optimization will also be improved in 42 builds and the game will be more demanding on the video card, as far as – I don’t know, but it will still be better than the current "addiction" From the processor.

That would be the same but from the first person. And so not very impressive.

Many people like this format precisely. I personally don’t like first -person games. There is dayz or a bunch of all kinds.

The atmosphere of the game is better transmitted in this style and allows you to implement those chips that in the game from 1 face would be almost unrealistic to implement. For example, the viewing angle and range depending on the perks and a lot more, what is too lazy to remember. The game scared me off with its view from above and the count. component, but the game looks and plays much more interesting and pleasant in the game itself than on the video.

Where is a bunch? In addition to Dead Island and Dying Light, nothing really, about zombies. Who can you tell you, but not me, I am a big zombie game, it is from the 1st person

The atmosphere in this style is not transmitted at all! What time is the same, the atmosphere and fear are transmitted when you do not see the whole card from above, but you see from the eyes!

You apparently did not play the game at all, since you write such stupid comments. You are 10-12 years old? You at least hear the sounds in the game? You saw what is happening with the streamers, when they have enough zombies from behind the angle outside the radius, in the game, where there is a chance to die in 1 bite?) Or you saw what it is to drive through the fog in a car that is traveling in a pure holy spirit, because this is the only car to which you could find the keys? Or what kind of angle to notice an horde of 300 zombies that saw you, and you have fatigue, hunger, and in addition your character wants to sleep ? At least you thought about what an atmosphere in the game, when an airplane flies over your house, where you collected equipment for a week of game days, food – the hord of zombies comes, and you have to jump out the window – break your legs, run away through the thicket, hide behind the fences, in the fences, in Topyuhh binte and throw your dwelling, all the best for the next couple of game weeks? For the zombies will not soon leave the place where there was such a noise. Your dinging light and other garbage AAA projects, where your GG is almost invulnerable – suck standing standing. In no such game there are such mechanics of car repair, its maintenance, there is such a deep food system (calories, proteins, carbohydrates) – different foods are required for different purposes. For weight gain – calories, for pumping athletics – carbohydrates, for pumping muscles (strength) – proteins and carbohydrates. All pumping in the game is carried out logically – in order to pump skills quickly, you must first read the book in order to know how and what to do, so that the character understands faster how to produce it, be able to be able to.

Damn that you find in this game? The dull Otzhitam that is mechanically that the graphene from somewhere from the 2005th year, forever raw, forever in development, without killerfic and original ideas. Now it’s also worth it as a decent game, at least I bought it at one time for some kind of sale or for 17 rubles for 57, and if I had already overpaid it for 57, and for Pyathat, it surrendered at all, 500r cost a factoro before the release , satispactor and sabrinatics, and there at least it was clear what you are paying for, but here it is purely crap but they would force it as if something good.

>Without killerfic and original ideas, hmmm.

-Let’s start with the base: your character has dozens of states, from banal hunger, fatigue, to stress or depression.

-Name at least one game where you can choose perks that can completely describe you and play it? For example, a percard of a dumbass (learns more slowly), which many of the comments would be very suitable for a lot of comments?

-In which survival there is such a detailed food system? (calories, carbohydrates, proteins)?

-In which survival is such a deep car repair system? For example, having the skills of a locksmith and a car mechanic, you can repair the details welding metal sheets to damaged elements? (Hood, engine, suspension, etc.D.) or simply replacing the necessary tools and skills with similar?

-In what surviva exists in the world where you are haunted by hordes of 100-500 zombies?

-Where the zombie has a realistic system of vision, memory and hearing? (If you walk in the house without running, with closed windows, then they are unlikely to find you, but if you stomp, make noise, then they will be very interested in what you do there. They will be very interested if Chelebasik walks in the house, who forgot to close the windows with curtains or sheets.

-Where there is a realistic system of damage to the character? Burns, fractures, scratches, blood loss?

-In what game with certain percocks can a character self -destruct from depression?

-In which game can a character be left without a hand? To die from the fact that he fell asleep on the go from wild fatigue, and he found him a zombie (while he may not find it, because they move chaotically in search of a victim) ? 🙂

-Where the zombies retain their location, the clothes inherent in their lutus if you are a couple of game weeks in another city? (Zombie, of course, can, in search of somewhere to wander somewhere, but it is the one that you have seen that a week ago will not be replaced by another random – it does not exist yet and will not be burnt for example)

-Where in the game from the stench of a dead zombie, the character can become infected in which game zombies are interested in the places where the dead zombie stinks?

And I described this at least from what exists in the game

You know, you will not find a single survival even in another universe, where there will be so many cool, worked out, realistic and frightening mechanics. The first 40 hours of the game, I was afraid of more than 2 zombies, was afraid to leave the house at night, was afraid to go out on the raids of locations with a lot of loot, was scared of every rustle, because your gg is not omnipotent. He is the same person like you – has his positive features and negative, he can get sick, wants to eat and wants to sleep, he can have a bad mood or even depression, he may have dependence on alcohol or cigarettes, he can be afraid, or maybe he can be afraid It is absolutely not subject to fear, because he is a veteran of military operations (such a subclass) in the past, he can break his leg, or he can be poisoned by food that has deteriorated.

-In what other game in some scenarii will you have to fry the rat on a fire and eat to survive?Where, with a sprint, the character elementary can stumble and fall at the moment that is unprofitable for you? In which game can a character cut by opening canned goods with a knife?)

In short, it is possible to describe this game only on sheets of 40 A4, or having played 100 hours (and not everyone will buy all the mechanic)

>"Eternally raw". In the game, where you still have a beta test, you have traveled on the fastest car from one end of the card to the other to spend up to 6 real time hours. You can go to any house.

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