The author of Genshin Impact recalled the negative reaction to the announcement – Zelda fans defeated their PS4 in protest

Gacha-game Genshin Impact has become one of the most profitable projects on the planet, but it was not always. At the very beginning of the announcement of the game, the similarity with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild seemed so strong that many accused her of copying. Although the similarity turned out to be superficial at best, some protested against the project, breaking their PS4 consoles.

Now in the new interview co -founder Hoyooverse Liu "Daway" Wei talked about what difficulties his company faced in the conditions of such tight pressure. Speaking in Shanghai, the leader said that his team, consisting of young and inexperienced developers, was brought to despair by a negative reaction and reflected that they did wrong.

The game was developed in two stages and the first location, Mondstadt, caused the largest number of comparisons with Breath of the Wild.

"Let’s make that part of the Genshin Impact that everyone has not seen", – Daway said to his team, as a result of which the second main region of the open world was created – Lee Yue. This region was adopted much more positive, and the rest is already history: in the end, the game became one of the largest in the world.

Despite the unprecedented success, Daway admits that if he knew about the problems in advance, then Genshin Impact, perhaps, would never have been created. At that time, Hoyoverse did not have experience in developing games with an open world, there was not even an engine to create them.

Why not candles?)

Because the real fan of Zelda plays in the god of war, in the descends and hides in the bushes for Bababoy

The world in the game is in the way dead and monotonous. The developers would better take the idea from the creators of the game My Time At Portia, where the entire population of the city has some kind of unique activity depending on the day of the week, especially since the days of the week in the Genshin Impact are implemented. The world would be much more lively and more interesting.

There the problem is not in the dead world, but in the dead gameplay. Gacha with a binding of one pair of skills to the characters slows down everything, although the developers tried to work out this aspect of the game very much, it key. And the emphasis on events with their near-alloy changes at the level of the mini-games, which three years later, for the most part, were replaced by a card game, which they developed specifically for this, does not change things.

In addition to this, the scale of the world is too small for adding transport/pets or sane fast walking, but at the same time too large to study it without boredom on its two and with a very slow glider, not to mention cities, which is partially compensated for by the aforementioned gache to which some characters are given out skills, convenient for moving, the type of cazules, cigarette or wanderer, which ultimately reduces the amount of time spent on moving from point A to point B. And beautiful places that I would like to enjoy more than once or twice after visiting, unfortunately, less and less.

The fact that four members of the detachment are negligible with such a collection of characters and about their disgustingly slow shift through a separate button, I will not tell in detail. And the point here is not even in some kind of abyss, events or dungeons, but in the open world.

But for that, the well -deserved aaa, on which it is not a pity to spend 120-180 hours and this is not the whole plot/game content went for my 250, because I put it aside to the last, and even in Ivens to sit my pants tires. And the world is boring, but there is a problem not in the dead world, but in a dead gameplay. Gacha.

Interesting, they bought PS4 to just throw money down the wind.

EEEM, superficial? You generally know that Genshin spoke almost everything that Zelda could have! Even a sugar flower is Hairulia! They even actually have the same model, and reconciliation of the same. How do you need to catch fairies in Zeld, almost something exactly the same as crystal butterflies. Aranars who are cleanly licked from crusts. Search Aranar is a search for crusts, they even have a village with the main tree, which is also hidden from ordinary people as in Zelda! Camon! Genshin spoke completely everything, adding an element of Gachi and the only one, this is the interaction of characters and elements with each other. All! There was nothing original in Genshin (at the time of exit)

I generally am silent about pumping, because in Zeld you need to collect parts of the monsters and pump your armor using parts of the monsters, and in the shit of Genshin the same. The pumping of the weapon occurs at the expense of parts from monsters, all sorts of materials from the dungeons, etc.D. Even a jerkhoferkhler! For in Zeld there is a monster when hit on which, a currency (rupee) falls out of it just like with a ferry flea market. You understand that there are too many similarities. AND "superficial" they call them stupidly and wrong. This is actually plagiarism. For some reason, the mafia at one time was called GTA plagiarism, and Genshin still no one recognized Zelda plagiarism.

Smart, very smart

Ps. I personally did not strain me with similarity to the top. Whoever said, and I myself was surprised there and there the worlds are cool to exhaust. It’s good that they just did not transfer the weakness of climbing to the rain is a busy rutin

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