Fans Red Dead Redemption believe that they have found another hint of a fast remector/remake announcement

Red Dead Redemption is one of the most beloved games of all time. She showed that Rockstar Games can create another big and deeper game with the open world, not like Grand Theft Auto, but at the same time possessing many virtues that make this series successful. Rockstar continued to develop a series in Red Dead Redemption 2, which is distinguished by an incredible depth of the world with realistic animation, NPC and game systems that help the world come to life. Fans hoped that Rockstar Games would return to the first game and give her a new look, but after five years this never happened.

However, there were many signs that this could happen. After several years of rumors about the upcoming Red Dead Redemption remaster, we received the first real sign that this is true, at the beginning of this summer. The new version of the game received a rating in Korea, which is happening only if the publisher represents the game in the rating commission. Then users noticed that Rockstar updated the images of achievements. Former IGN journalist Colin Moriarty also confirmed these rumors and noted that he saw evidence that the game exists and could be presented in August this year.

Since then, fans have been trying to find new signs, and the Videotechx user noticed that since April of this year, Rockstar has not included Red Dead Redemption in any sale, while other Rockstar games appeared in them. This is noteworthy, because before that Western was almost always present on such promotions.

To add oils into the fire of circulating rumors about remast/remake Red Dead RedMption, Rockstar decided not to include the version for Xbox 360 in the last two special sales shares, starting in April 2023.

Maybe it’s just a strange coincidence? Perhaps, but for one of the most favorite games of the developer, this would be a strange miss. Perhaps Rockstar does not want many to buy the game at the moment, as it is preparing to reprint and would prefer people to buy a new version.

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