The authors of Robocop: Rogue City have no plans for the plot DLC and the development of a sequel

From an interview given by Peter Latokh, Robocop Gamder director: Rogue City, some interesting details about the development of this successful game and plans of the Teyon Developer for the future were found out.

In particular, from the interview we learned that the work on the game was completed in three years, which is a very short time even for the production of the AA class game. Nevertheless, for the publisher Nacon, this turned out to be the best launch in history, and at present the game has a very high percentage of positive assessments in Steam, which suggests that it was highly appreciated by the public.

Latokha said that the Teyon team was completely difficult to find the correct balance in the gameplay: it was necessary to balance the uncompromising protagonist with the need to offer a cheerful and dynamic challenge, and at the same time remain in the strict framework of the Robocop film, based on the agreements reached.

Make the players feel like an uncontrollable tank, realize the fantasy of the robocope, emphasize its slowness and heavyness, while making the game complex, dynamic and exciting, was one of the most difficult tasks that we encountered. I am glad that people believe that we have found the right balance! We had some ideas that we wanted to include in the game, but they turned out to be a little complicated because of some copyright problems. However, I don’t want to go into details.

With the exception of the already confirmed regime "A new game+", In the same interview, Latokha explains that at the moment the developers’ team has no plans for the release of DLC with additional content or the RoboCop: Rogue City sequel, although it does not exclude the a priori possible surprises in the future.

On the other hand, Teyon, after Robokop, Rambo and Terminator, would be interesting to work on other successful IP if such an opportunity presented, although the gamdirecter did not call specific names.

It is easier to talk about the future when you are recognized as a company that can offer a quality product. There are several IPs that we would like to work on in the future, but so far I will not disclose them.

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