NVIDIA, together with Blizzard, adds an Overwatch 2: Invasion Ultimate GeForce RTX 40 Series Bundle

Overwatch 2 is a constantly developing free command action game Blizzard, the action of which takes place in an optimistic future, where each match is a real battle on the battlefield 5 by 5 by 5.

To get unsurpassed graphic capabilities in every battle, upgrade to the video card GeForce RTX 40 Series, for a PC or laptop to ensure first -class performance and an unrivaled response provided Nvidia Reflex.

The invasion began in the largest Overwatch 2 season today! Fight with three cooperative players against perform plot missions with enemies, play PVP as a new support hero and increase the level of new combat pass Invasion, to unlock new skins and cosmetics. You can also get a set GeForce Overwatch 2 Invasion Ultimate Bundle When buying individual GEFORCE RTX 40 Series in participating stores, starting from today.

The Ultimate set includes:

  • Constant access to the plot missions Overwatch 2: Invasion.
  • Premium-beer pass Invasion + passes of 20 levels.
  • 3000 Overwatch coins.
  • The legendary vigilante sojourn skin, which can be earned.
  • Unlock the hero of Sojourn.
  • The legendary skin of Sniper Cassidi C-455.
  • The legendary skin of K-2000 BLADEMASTER KIRIKO.

To improve the experience with Overwatch 2, get one of the following suitable products in participating stores and follow the attached instructions to activate the Invasion Ultimate package code on Battle.Net. Before buying, please make sure that the video card, PC or laptop participate in the promotion by checking the product page; return codes for products not participating in the action are not provided.

When using one of the GeForce RTX 40 Series, your actions and movements in Overwatch 2 will be performed almost instantly due to the input delay, which is only 9 milliseconds!

It is worth blinking, and you will miss this, performance is provided thanks to Nvidia Reflex, which reduces system delays to 60% in Overwatch 2, as well as the relics of the GEFORCE RTX 40 Series graphic processors, which can work at a speed of more 360 frames per second at 1440p. You can also enjoy excellent performance and supername delay in the input of powerful, thin and light laptops of the GeForce RTX 40 Series.

NVIDIA distributes the Ultimate version, which offers more functions than the standard version, and costs a little more – 39 dollars.

This proposal is valid from August 11 to September 9. You can activate the code until October 9, 2023.

Learn more about Reflex and high -frequency games in network games, as well as a lot of additional details on the Nvidia Reflex home page.

Graphic maps, desktop PCs and laptops participating in the Invasion Ultimate Bundle set will be found among numerous manufacturers of systems and retail sellers around the world. On the home page Overwatch 2: Invasion Ultimate Bundle, you can familiarize yourself with the full list of partners participating in your country.

After buying any appropriate product, you will receive instructions by e -mail on how to activate the package, and add all the newwives Overwatch 2 to your Battle account with just a few clicks of the mouse.Net.

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