Professional players League of Legends “overwhelming majority” voted for a strike

North American Association of Professional Players League of Legends (LCPSA) "overwhelming majority" voted for leaving the game until the end of the season 2023, if Riot does not restore the North American league of applicants (NACL).

"This is not the decision that LCS players came frivolously", – Representatives of LCSPA wrote after yesterday’s vote. "Countless discussions and debates were conducted between all LCS players during the week, preceding this historical vote. One of these discussions is clear one thing: our players want to play and compete primarily. The unification of efforts to leave competition aside is evidence of the importance and urgency of the issues under consideration".

We are talking about the solution of Riot to allow North American professional teams to refuse to participate in Challengers League. For those who do not know, NACL is the youngest League of Legends league, while Championship Series (LCS) is the Higher League. Many professional North American players begin their career in NaCl, and then move to LCS. Earlier, the teams were obliged to have the active composition of the NACL, but at the beginning of this month this requirement was canceled after the team owners submitted a petition to Riot. The owners successfully argued their decision by the fact that in the current economic conditions to maintain NACL commands too expensive.

The situation was aggravated by the fact that the Riot decision was made shortly after the players’ assurances that the changes in NaCl would not affect their career.

"Riot lied to us", – said the executive director of LCSPA Phil Aram to journalist Mikhail Klimenta. "And the result of this lie was that half of our players lost their jobs overnight".

To emphasize the seriousness of the problem and demonstrate solidarity with the dismissed NACL commands, LCSPA last night held a historical vote, which was to solve the future of a professional game in League of Legends.

"We are in this impasse, because the actions were taken by Riot without preliminary communication or discussion with LCS players. LCSPA sincerely hopes that Riot will prevent this strike by joining us in the coming days to conduct open and transparent discussions so that we can develop joint solutions to ensure the best future of LCS and NACL", – Added by the Association of players.

LCSPA requires RIOT to restore the requirement that the team owners manage NACL teams, as well as ensure minimal funding to support these commands. LCSPA also requires changes that will allow players to increase or decrease in the class between NACL and LCS, as well as preserving the minimum percent of the players between divisions in the middle of the season. The competition season League of Legends 2023 will begin its second separation on July 18.

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