Bethesda will release the largest update with hundreds of right -off and improvement to the Starfield space role -playing game

Bethesda claims that on Wednesday, January 17, it will come out "The largest update Starfield", in which there will be more than 100 "corrections and improvements", including graphic refinements for role -playing game.

The studio reported the upcoming update on her Twitter, after published a 2023 review, in which she promised a large series of improvements that the game will receive in 2024. The update will appear in the beta version of Steam on January 17, and the full release for all players will take place in two weeks (provided that everything will go according to plan)

Bethesda shared "Some information about what you can expect", Although the full notes to the patch have not yet been published. Specific information about these 100 corrections and improvements is still unknown, but we know some of the main changes.

To begin with, many quests will be fixed. Which is even more interesting, this huge update promises "improving stability and numerous graphic improvements", Some of which, it seems, are aimed at eliminating the most unpleasant moments in RPG. Bethesda offered screenshots "before" And "after" With NPC

Similarly were improved "The geometry of the solar disk" And "Shadows from planetary rings", to make the views that open in the void even more beautiful. Among other corrections – another attempt to eliminate "Asteroids chasing ships", like small pets, as well as "Inaccessible hatches of ships". In general, this is a promising and potentially rather beautiful beginning of 2024 for Starfield.

Thank you. So he asks "The game finally opened and I entered it! Everything is so beautiful here!"

Straight, some plying..

ahah this is the game by ahah game of the year ahaha nevstgen bl ahaha

Judging by the expression of her face, he cannot move his ears 🙂

Sorry, what has changed on the screenshots "after" ?

PS The dead game is gameplay, they will fix the quests. You need to redo the half of the game and rewrite

One light source was added, I did not notice anything else.

You are too good about the gazebo))) replaced the shader of the material from matte to glossy)))

My hair is more detailed, but I watched for two minutes to understand this, and in the game this would not be visible at all almost.

And as a result, other materials could be finalized from the properties.

It would be a cyberpunk, everyone would have shouted what super unreal changes, it’s funny.

Wake up when they add official support for mods

Add a normal map where you can study space, also cities maps.
Otherwise you have to use on the Mapgenie website.Io interactive. So pay $ 4.99 to put tags and routes, but again there is no indicator in it where you are and your trace.
And it should have been on the release.

Kek, I thought they in the update will roll out normal cards. Well, if this does not happen, then I don’t understand what everyone expects from the gazebo.

After Starfield, I launched Outer Worlds, and Starfield began to seem even more flawed

And someone rolled out 1k corrections in patch. And then the poor hundreds were barely mastered.

Well. Game with 1000 errors against playing with 100 errors. Less – better.

In this game, these mistakes are good if not tens of thousands. However, as in all their games.

If you are talking about Baldurs, then it’s not funny. I am not going to once again arrange a srach on the topic of comparison of Starfield and Baldurs, but I will say one.

. Now it would be to praise developments that make so many corrections (and why in the game of the year, you need so many corrections? The same interesting question, but now is not about that. )

And in the fact that with so many patches, they still could not correct the necessary and logical things, such as inventory.

Well, if you are not about Baldurs, then there is nothing to talk about here. Since this year, except Hogwarts, there were no more games that you can talk about.

About Baldurs, but I do not defend the game. For me, too, there is a great surprise that the game that rolled out thousands of corrections, that is, the game of the bug, suddenly became the game of the year.

If the gazebo was made by cyberpunk, at least it could have been played in it. And right away, and not three years later.

But this, alas, is not so, and therefore I have a release of the release of the release of 2020 as one of the most dull AAA games of recent years. Simply put, a fisted dummy.

But this, alas, is not so, and therefore I have a release of the release of the release of 2020 as one of the most dull AAA games of recent years.

There is a key point that Strafield is the same dull, curved dummy, it is sad that you don’t understand this, in Cyberpanka at least transport and some kind of activity, albeit the level of anniversary, in Starfield are completely empty planets, locations are just some kind of total degradation Compared to the topic by the Scarmam and the fourth foul (most caves are just a straight, completely empty intestine), and again, these morons for some reason made some inappropriate distances between locations, and the transport was not brought, you can’t fly on their ship, too, on their ship, (take -off through loading has already become a meme), while you can run away.

And if in the same Skyrim and the fourth Folych I have played up for a thousand hours (yes, I have been installed now), then I have no desire to play in this slag, this is again a key moment, I deleted it in 20 hours together with Repak.

Actually, despite the minuses of the plot, it could be played right away. If the gazebo had done Cyberpank, it is not known why it would be worth playing it. The gazebo would not have mastered the main plot, secondary quests – "Vi, another street of Night Siti needs your help".

In fact, despite the pluses of the plot (completely cut from Johnny-Mnemonik), there is no sense in playing it at all, because the main plot goal in the game does not allow to fulfill in principle, and the GG can only choose how he wants to die, while the whole game I was looking for only a way to escape.

Anyway, the gazebo would not have allowed to find Batya in the third Folych, or in the fourth we would die somewhere in the sewage system without finding his son, in Oblivion, Dagon would piss all Tamriel, and Skyrim would have dried dragons. Fortunately, the gazebo, unlike spotlights, is not g*non -dodes, and playing their plots, you are at least sure that the plot will lead you somewhere, and will not get reduced to hundreds of hours of senseless grind.

There is a key point that Strafield is the same dull, curved dummy, it is sad that you don’t understand this, in Cyberpanka at least transport and some kind of activity, even the level of Jubisoft, in Starfield completely empty planets

Yes, the fact of the matter is that the dummy is here – it is the KP, and the full. In the same Starfield, I can go to almost any building, and everywhere there will be something. Talk to most of the NPC, to revenge them at home, pour their property, etc.D. and t.P. It is already interesting to do this, exploring only the settlements for hours.

In Cyberpanka, all "world" – A set of painted boxes, in 99.9% of which you can’t even go. All the NPCs are absolutely empty, dumbfounded when turning the camera of the blanks with 8 -bit intellect. And it is in this game that cars do not need absolutely. From a plot point of view, because the GG will still die (which makes Grind for the sake of buying cars and apartments with senseless thrush), and with gameplay, since the world is absolutely dead, and the player does not lose anything using fast-trigger.

In Starfield, it was more interesting for me to rebuild the boats than to pass the entire cyberpunk, which was on the release (I don’t know as it is now) was an absolutely subordinate jester, as if from 2008. When the normal mechanics of the avantosts (to the level of not lower than the settlements in Folaut) is completed in Starfield – I suspect that I will leave for the second place by the clock and the folaut, with its 1360 played clock.

I’m tired of taking off. This is one of the most moronic haters to the action-capt game in which this mechanic * has always been considered the norm. If someone does not like it – well, do not play RPG, go to the simulators, what is the problem. Damn, even Andromeda did not think for this, and even her heity for everything that was at least the slightest opportunity to get to the bottom.

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