Starfield returns the most famous and most hated thing from Fallout 4

The outposts of Starfield will serve as a binder for many functions of role -playing players controlled by players. First of all, you will need to explore the galaxy in order to find the wealthy planet resources. After that, you will need to hire NPC to work on the outpost and the extraction of many available materials that bring money. New details of Starfield suggest that the construction of outposts can be even more complicated, sometimes recalling a funny, sometimes hated settlement system in Fallout 4. On the eve of the release date of Starfield, if you never wanted to hear words again "Another settlement needs our help", then perhaps this is not your day.

The last few weeks have brought us a bunch of new information. We know about missions, pumping, luta and even food. However, the economy is still foggy. We know that you can create outposts. We know that you can sell raw materials. Naturally, in huge Bethesda space there will be dozens of ways to make money.

However, if you carefully study the official description of Starfield in the Microsoft store, then, apparently, there will also be the opportunity to organize large-scale business operations, uniting their mining enterprises into one large trade route.

Explore the planets and find the fauna, flora and resources necessary to create everything from medicines and food to equipment and weapons. Build the outposts and hire a team for passive materials and make freight communications for the transfer of resources between them.

In Fallout 4, you could move resources between settlements using caravan posts. If you have a perk "Local leader", You could also create supply lines. However, as shown in the recent Gameplay Starfield, all the enemy ships that you can capture can be added to your personal fleet. Since in Starfield you have "To establish freight relations", It seems that you will also be responsible for the distribution of ships in your fleet for transporting goods and materials on trading routes.

On the one hand, this is great – in addition to all quests and cities that need to be explored, we get even more opportunities for building our own history, creating our own enterprises. On the other hand, there is a chance that we will constantly tear us from what we are doing in order to go to protect Fornpost from the pirates and the crimson fleet. Perhaps everything will not be as routine as it seems. And if not, there is always a Rage QUIT button.

The most unloved that was in Folych 4 is the endless requests of these scourges. Construction there in the firebox.

Construction in Follych is one of the best gameplay features. Nobody forced her to engage, only one quest was.

What is good in it? Stop into Sims turned.

The problem is not in construction, but in the fact that most things are the scenery. for example, shells, toilets or baths – why are they needed?
But everything falls into place when you play in survival mode – without fast movement, with diseases, thirst, hunger and other things, then all this makes sense

In this Follych is 4 disgusting, teaches children to the bad! Drink from the toilets XD

About the quests from the throne yes, I agree. Especially when you play survival mode. This is horrified of course, run across the entire map to help these ravings. The funny thing is that even if you have improved the settlement to the maximum, then they still can’t handle it without you. They cannot fight off three unfortunate dogs. But when you come to this settlement, your turrets are torn by one or two to torn these dogs. You don’t even have time to get your weapon 🙂

But I don’t agree about construction. The game has a huge number of minuses and inexpensive, but the ability to build is one of the most interesting chips of this game. Finally, you can build a dream base in Fallout. In addition, no one forces building construction. This is purely optional.

And what prevents the huge bolt on all this construction and just play.

nothing, but they will whine, no one forces them, but they still whine and whine

Everything is as always, whiners are ineradicated.

I don’t understand this either. The same thing in Fallout 4. Many still cry due to the fact that they are forced to engage in construction. Where did they get it? If you don’t like it so much, then you can just not do it 🙂

Well, instead of this useless construction, which no one uses, it was possible to spend time on the best study of the plot, not? Or normal gameplay

It is difficult for people to realize that this is the majority of the gameplay on which puff. And above the constones of the Garvi, the same reps of enemies, and the outposts/raiders are not puffed every 100m – they did it somehow. Thank God, Shizov is always to blame the player.

Artificial stretching of gameplay – Eeeeeheee!

In my modest glance in 4 fall there was little content. If you remove the construction, then in fact there was only a study of location and shooting.It would seem not so much, but how annoyed:

1.The same replosion of enemies (in already cleared Loki it was impossible to meet "others" enemies.Only those that were originally there.It is very stupid and uninteresting)

2.All monsters/enemies had very few cool and unusual abilities. So many types of ghouls and claws, but in fact there is no difference.

3.Very weak pumping of weapons.Some trunks are nothing like, but why can I not be in the meter for example to shove fragmentation grenades and make a cool grenade launcher out of it.Or for example a fat man with a display, so that you can see where you shoot.

4.You can not control the robots yourself – this is completely game.Hack a protectron and completely controlling them to throw enemies.

So you can remember a lot more.

The chopper is not a gravipushka, and the fat man does not need a display, this is not a sniper, he has a large radius of the defeat of a large.

Yep. Welcome to games from Toda. And even what was realized wretched. The same shooting, the same study. Without mods play mega dejectedly. Enemies are like a sponge, at least shoot a pistol, even from large -caliber guns. I recommend a mod that removes this nonsense. I don’t remember the name already true. With him, the gameplay becomes like a classic shooter, where you can kill any enemy from a pair of bullets, and not plant 5 clips in it, only because the enemy is higher than LVL.

The display in the tile with a small piece of map of the area from above to see where you shoot (such as a mortar from Battlefield) or at worst the trajectory of the shell of the projectile is necessary, since it is completely not clear where this shell will fly.They made the trajectory of the flight of manual grenade through the perk, so this is completely normal.

Flottering shoots teapothes and teddy bears cannot shoot grenades? Lol. They made the opportunity to change the caliber in weapons with glue and bolts and cannot do the same with grenades? So at least the meaning of this weapon appears to be worn, since I better go for the construction of this trash than to breed a comedy with firing teapots or alarm clocks in the claw of death.

In fact, everything that you described belongs to all parts of Folych. Moreover, many things were just the same fully implemented in 4 parts, unlike some. For example, the same weapon pumping, or the use of robots at a new level, and not as moving targets.

And yes, to remember and suck out imaginary disadvantages from your finger can be as much as you like.

These are not imaginary disadvantages, but real jambs of the gazebo, the mistakes of which are to this day by modders.I absolutely do not want to poke around in the files of the game, watch guides on YouTube and play with mods, but stupid. It is clear that a lot of things grew up for all these years for the better (it was really interesting to rummage through Boston’s ruins), but this is not the level of quality that you expect from such a large studio.And the phrase – shit on jambs of the modern ones will drink everything – is completely not correct in my modest look.It should not be.

If they add auto -building or order system, then everything is ok. Most of all in folle 4 enraged that they literally need to wipe the ass, build beds, chairs, etc

Well, to each his own. The game has a whole sea of ​​minuses and shortcomings, but construction is a good idea. I liked to do this. Create your own settlement. Work out every little thing. The only thing that I did not like was that there is little use from settlers. They can only eat, sleep, grow fruits, vegetables and complain how their back hurts 🙂 would increase their capabilities and it would be great. For example, so that they can be sent in search of resources, send them to any tasks that would give an interesting loot, automate some business and much more. Add more study of settlements and then, these settlements would be perceived more alive 🙂

Lamge station and shopping tents can also be armed to protect.

And yes, the construction system in the fola is still pretty good, so not every construction simulator boasts, although there are more serious (valham).

So play a sims or urban planning simulator if you are so wandered from this. And this is Fallout, I remind 😒 And all this is not necessary there. Especially on such a miserable game engine and in such an intake state.

Someone does not need, but someone needs. Where do such come from "categorical"?

Well, firstly, the lash station does not work, thanks to the curvature of the developers. I tested it more than once. And not only me, you can look in YouTube. The meaning in this station is just zero.

Secondly, and somewhere I wrote that the construction is bad and it should not be done? I wrote that I like to build and develop bases. But I would like the construction and residents to be more developed in the game.

Thirdly, yes, I am aware that you can make shopping tents. I said that there were more different options.

Personally, I simply adored all this construction, the production lines, production, I wildly liked to build these settlements everywhere, in different conditions of different numbers, but it was just Kaifovo. There has always been a place where you can retreat and get sick or relax, I play a horizon with a mod, it is very difficult and the impressions of the game are simply plague. It was especially pleasant to meet their caravans or minimatmen, though all this did not work, the idea is gorgeous, but everything broke out even fashion barely coping. If this system is improved here, they will force it to work correctly, they will create a good and cool economy, then there will be just a fairy tale.

Can you go to play Sims or Minecraft? Fallout has always been about quests, dialogs and battles.

Well, you play Minecraft, Dolbaub, you have to decide what should be in the follower?))

Well, he is the people of course amazing scarumii once is not able to fit two simple truth in his head, everyone will decide what to play and that everyone has their own interests and tastes in life. This is what should happen to a person in life so that he began to think that only his interests are correct and all the games should be the way he wants?

Skuf, this is 4 part in the series. This is not Spinoff with construction. This was stuck for no reason, just to close the feeling of emptiness of locations – they came up with the construction for the sake of an absolute waste of time, collecting garbage, like Preston Garvie with its ruler (and there is plenty of such junk in the game). And, of course, after that the construction will be in absolutely all games of the gazebo

The baby was offended, whimper. There is such a thing – the genre of the series. A simulator of construction and garbage collector was added to the game to clog the void to the detriment of all other areas (plot, waging, dialogs) – and the subdits settled. Yesterday I dug diamonds in Minecraft, tomorrow it will dig diamonds in Starfield.

This is the worst that was in Fallout 4. In case of repeated passages, I did not specifically touch the ruler of the quest of the throne, so as not to trigger help to settlements. So rejoiced that Fallout 76 refused this.

And that it was so hard not to take the quests from the throne, since I took it and everything (you leave the dialogue before he agrees, and his new quest is not activated, or you do not know that it was possible ?)

So I did so.

There seems to be a mod to turn off the issuance of its quests)

The new generation is now instead of "take all quests in a row, in search of interest" It is necessary to first find out which one cannot take it in any case, and the shizes are still accused of the player, and not the developer-developer. A curtain.

And what do you want from people who suddenly meet a negative reaction to their love. temporarily interested in the popular product?

When the impressions of the game are less than zero, you try to squeeze all the juices from the disputes regarding the game and evidence of your innocence, on the Internet. That’s the whole secret.

Conclusions from the air. And after all, another 2 months to endure these schizoids, building theories from scratch.

Yeah. Until the academic year will begin.

But then for several months you can read about how they all fused, bought a feces, which with bugs, lags, departures, not an endless universe, but just a couple of planets and that which can not be completely bypassed, dull dialogs and a novel plot, facial animations worse than in Andromeda and how they gave their 70 bucks for this you.
And it will be especially funny with those who wriggled for this changing the region or buying three expensive. these clowns are still the same

If it is possible and this does not particularly affect the passage, then I just beg. In any games with the open world, I always score on all sorts of collections, principles and so on the like.

With Fallout 4 Hornless for me ceased to exist .What for the Fallout. Fallout where there is not even karma .Fallout without karma is not Fallout this is a trash .If I want to build, I would play a sims and not in Folych

You only cares karma? But drank almost the entire role system does not bother you in any way?

Yes no that it does not bother ? (sarcasm)

I would also be worried about karma, and not for the role -playing component in a fading game.

Therefore, it turned out that there was no role system really.

Fashion will fix, as some say.

In an hour of the game, Preston wanted to rush in the face.

I liked to build my settlement. And with mods, in general, it was possible to get stuck only in the construction and the farm resov.

That is, a bunch of repeated quests? Hmm. We survived.

and you have already hung up a masterpiece there? It was obvious that this time everyone was. But on the pre orderly it is clear that this is all in general for figs for their money

And I liked to build settlements everywhere where it was possible and it was possible to cast trunks – I finally closed the plot twice.

Construction and system of settlements were exclusive F4 already reconcile with this. Shutters go sea and shoot at Call of Duty.

Obviously, the project of the next attempt to mow grandmothers by selling an overhand toy for slaves-roamers. Especially if you take into account that Bethesda is engaged in developers, which is known for such masterpieces as Fallout 76 and Skyrim in an incredible number of reprints.

Description of quests, fractions, economies – all this is just a marketing trick to drag naive players. But in fact, everything will be attached to the settlements that need to be protected, and routine mining of resources.

In the meantime, these slaves will enthusiastically build their "Trade route", The outfits will come up with how to cut down a superprofit on DLC and microtransactions. This is how all these companies work: they generate fake hype and emotions among the players, and then pump out money from them.

So do not fall on primitive propaganda. Do not follow your basic instincts – play real life, and not in the next toy for slaves. Your time is much more expensive.

"First of all, you will need to explore the galaxy in order to find the wealthy planet resources."

BL@di, how is it "American". They all their lives in eternal search.

All this will make sense if the game really needs money, in all other gazebo games they were not needed

Money is needed – for cartridges, grenades, weapons, and so on for the modernization of this.

Weapons, grenades and cartridges were completely knocked out of the mobs, and the money was earned by the sale of a loot, it was not necessary to earn some special in the game in the game

In F4, I just downloaded a mod that automatically crawled beautiful and clean settlements with everything necessary. I hope they do it here, so the game should not be played on the release, but to wait until there are more mods, or even dls.

Che for mod? I hope you’re not talking about SIM settlement?

It seems not to Sim, but something like that, it was simpler, just built houses with estates, a protective wall and turrets. I don’t remember exactly, but it’s not difficult to find on modes of mods.

I hope the work and mining of resources will not look like a tapping on the wall of the house .

Construction is one of the cool things in the fourth part! What’s wrong?

It seems to me that if the controversial implementation of the mechanic is one of the cool things in the game, then something with the game itself went wrong.

The devil knows that everything is in order with the game. Still, once every two years I replay.

There are mods that correct this very "The controversial of the implementation" )

Yes, it is clear that there are mods for everything in this game. Only someone had to do them. Someone, but not developers.

the main thing is that there are no these "elections" answer for degenerates imprisoned under the joystick – these, like "Yes", "No", "shirt" And "sarcasm". Or I confuse the phallout? Just when you remember the dialogs in real phallows, and then in those from the gazebo – the head shakes.
And the second main thing is that there are no wooden movements of characters/NPS/enemies with the complete absence of physics and the realism of movement.

The most terrible words

Negroes in space are leading

RPG action turns into an economic strategy. If they really do it, I won’t buy!
I love quests, research. I even finished my weapon and armor in F4 (but it was tolerant and did not take much time), not to mention the construction of the settlements, which I set up for automatic mode with modes.
Add also realistic work such as GTA so that you could sit in the captain of the cosmic tractor and spend several real days on the transportation of goods from one planet to another, earning just a little money, which is barely enough for fuel and repair of the tractor.

Why does he act on his nerves, God. An additional feature of the game, which does not get anyone and does not interfere, but no, the aching will always find the reason to eat.

Dobraculovat in Elit Dangerus)))

Because the balance on this chip is lost.
Compare F4 with Skyrim.
In Skyrim, you can easily crush enemies with stock weapons with stock damage. With an increase in Levela, more than the best weapons with an increased stock damage begins to appear, with which you can also continue to laid down the enemies. You can surpass (scority of shmota + forge), by and large it will not affect anything, but will make it possible to van. That is, you still win the fight, but the upgrade simply reduces the battle time to one shot or a blow. Although the troll, although you take out a giant with a mammoth with a stock damage from 2-3-4 hits, and the pumped damage all falls from the first.
In the f4 with stock weapons you can’t be very. You can, of course, but you won’t go out against the same hippo with an ordinary gun, you need a super -barrel at least double damage to be enough cartridges. Therefore, F4 is not just an additional chip, but an integral part of the gameplay.
Now about the possibility of upgrade itself. Very easy stones are needed in Skyrim for the Street. I drove a hundred into your pocket, go collect your souls; then there is almost no every fort or cave "Workbench" For Strezar. There are almost no freely standing workshops in F4, and a body kit on a weapon or armor, if it is removed, takes a lot of weight in a backpack, it is unprofitable to carry it with you, you often have to teleport to the base, unload the trash, compare what brought now, with the fact that already in chests.
Only because of the inconvenience of identical upgrade functions, everyone spits on F4.

Sir, you in "Skyrim" at what level of difficulty playing?

Seriously? That is, 4 spells by 25% of the school (which can only be enchanted by 100) does not affect anything? Grasshopper and enchanting mandatory skills.

Suddenly you can not build a settlement. Even with blowjobs you can not meet. I am only at the gasket of the survivor’s nest, and from there the hibar dragged from all the wasteland. It is called "wig".

In order not to meet with these blowjobmen, you must first go through and find out that this is a feces. And the construction of settlements is a common absurd cover of an empty world and locations, for the phalaut it is generally absurd. Instead of studying the Harvey throne, they were engaged in the development of construction. It is called "hack"

– Players who for months pass the phallus and Skyrim for months, do this not in one entry. The point is to start a new game a hundred times and try various passage options. I didn’t like Preston – don’t go to him.
– The world in Fallout 4 is small, but much more worked out than in any other Openvorld, including RDR, GTA and Cyberpank. A lot of atmospheric places and interesting locations.
– Construction and survival fits perfectly into the setting of the phallout. In the third, players dreamed of the possibility of creating their "Paranoid nest" and even made a bunch of building mods. Long before the release of Fallout 4.
– the gazebo never differed in the worked out characters and an interesting plot. Both in Tes and in the phallout, the plot is needed only for seeding, these games play exactly for the sake of waging and research.
You are an ordinary GTA, who has not mastered a single gazebo game, because "complex" And "Read a lot of nada".

I like you: D write more often

You are an ordinary GTA, who has not mastered a single gazebo game, because "complex" And "Read a lot of nada".

If I hadn’t passed everything, I would even crumble

And someone doubted?

I think, like many other players, I completely scored all these settlements in Fallout 4, sent all their requests for supplies and construction. I walked around the world without companions (except that the dog, as an additional pocket) and was looking for adventure on the fifth point.

Maybe they will put their one to the dump with another from the microder and figure out that if you have a trading route and hired NPSs work on it, then there should be also hired NPS for protection his and settlements, where he originates?

No just a game. A sort of mass effect with mechanical falaout in 23 from Betzda. The most important thing is not what you see the planet and fly sitting by flying the atmosphere yourself and so on

If you bring to mind, it may be even interesting) just in Fallout 4, very often they got a request for protection, distracting from the storyline. Moreover, these frequent requests were about the same thing, because they were very quickly bored.

chef, everything is gone, chef.

Currently, Starfield begins to smell. There is a big chance of failure. But I hope I’m very wrong. There are simply no good games of such a plan.

and in Skyrim the associates, however, do not call.

In Elite Dangerous, I dragged a month on T9 slaves and gold along the same route. Don’t tell me about routine

Given that the AI ​​is stupid and cannot solve some problems himself, and in general to conduct construction and economy, then it is needed

Construction is despondency, personally in Folych 4 passed for the quest and no longer needed, just the 1st rocket and there is a workbench, everything.

Yes, it will probably be much more hated in it.

And who said that it would not be hawn? I think so everyone understood this g

Inglish learned everything before the Starfield is drunk, play and discuss? )

It’s None of your Fucking Business!

IF YOU Write Like that on a English Website, Get Out On Your American One

Duc, but this site, not English?

On the other hand, there are enough sites (forums), where you can fly to the bathhouse for mat. Even for imported.

The translator does not even translate your phrase)) by the way Go away is more suitable))

Fallut 4 passed three times and never engaged in settlements, did not even understand how it is done. This is not at all interesting and not necessary. Preston even tried to kill, it’s a pity you can’t do it, then he was all the time offended at me. Such a bastard.

And so clear that it will be even more wretched than Skyrim and Fall 4.

Skyrim a thing! If they made the same Skyrim, but in space, where (almost) there was no construction (by the way, I also scored on it: I rebuilt the very minimum, hired the manager and never returned to this home, I live constantly in the house of cold winds), but there were endless destruction of the enemy and many branched quests, not limited by the classic "Give me a subjugation", Yes, and increase the territory every 100,500, to inhabit not just different races, but by entire settlements of individual races with mentality and worked out customs, as in some "Space rangers", show different periods of development from the society of natives in loincloths to the god -like creators of science, and add grind, but not on bosses, but on a vast territory where there are many multilevel mobs and the relief is not homogeneous to knock out a meter (and not just find it in chests, as is customary in the same Skyrim), which after 10 levets will become useless and go for sale, giving way to the artifact more powerful.

Play Kruzider Kings 3 with the Skyrim mod – there will be 101 race from Laura Skyrim, history, quests, etc.. So far in the development, but partially can touch.

Fallout 4: one curve of mechanics will ruin the whole game.

Fallout 4, the game is certainly controversial. And the fact that years later in the comments, serious controversy flared up about one of the mechanic only confirms this fact.

And since the game itself is controversial, then the mechanics of building settlements caused me conflicting feelings.

On the one hand, the very idea of ​​“make the wasteland again by the great” by restoring and/or building our own settlements seemed worthy of attention and, with the proper creative approach, could easily compete with fnw. But it did not happen, for:

On the other hand, how this idea was realized cannot but cause, at least a perplexity. Build from the first person, not a shawl, or a house in the village, but a whole settlement without drawings, special construction equipment, hiring workers, leveling the construction site, demolition of the impatient buildings, which, by the way, should have long been turned into piles of brick and scrap metal, because 200 years have passed after the apok – this is real nonsense and masochism. Here it is generally worth asking that such reverses were smoked when they clung to the number 200. In the metro trilogy, for example, 30 years have passed after the Big Babach, and what is shown there is much more real than what is shown in Foll 4 through these two centuries (. ). “Grenades, ugh you, their bombs are not the wrong system or?”.

But I was distracted. At a minimum, it was necessary to give the opportunity to cleanse and level the construction site a priori, and not with the help of mods, using which you can see how crookedly those who, for example, “built” Sankchuari were. Trying to build my own settlement “in science”, and accordingly, clearing the site, I saw such a vinaigrette from the stabbed layers and “patch” what was notable for. Pit half a height of GG – nothing to worry, put a layer with dirt and or sidewalks on top. The tree grows in the air-it does not matter either, we will put the “patch” a la land around it and all hockey. But all the “suburb” are on these resources of the system, which also draws this whole trash. And no one tried to smooth it out or at least level. Why, the people will gobble up.

In my purely subjective opinion, in the construction of the settlement, it was necessary to use T.n. “Tactical view”, such as there, for example, in Farming Simulator or Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. It could be implemented through not a machine, but an analogue of the satellite communication station. And based on this, it is not to build a “wall on the wall, brick on brick”, but with whole constructions. Again, consider an example with Sanchuari. We have a settlement that can be demolished and built in its place something else. We find a “plate” – here it would be possible to make a good introductory quest if you want, we put and go into construction mode, with the same “tactical type” of the entire territory of the settlement. It could have several tabs:

1) the type of settlement, that is, the “base camp”, “trade post”, “military avant -avalo” with the addition of new types as the game is passing. This would determine the general concept of the built -up territory.

2) buildings and buildings. Everything is simple here – depending on what kind of concept we choose are given sets of buildings and buildings.

3) materials are, in fact, how our settlement will look like. And if at the beginning the choice would be small, for example, “trash” and “wood”, then getting acquainted with the world of the game, we could open new types of materials, for example, helped warriors from the BS – received armored vehicles, we could open it with its inhabitants. fortified concrete, army tents or hangars, etc.D. The same with the first two tabs. The further you go in the plot, the more diverse your buildings can be. By the way, in some kind of process of the variety of materials and types of buildings, we see in the game.

Next, we are in cells (. ) We arrange the selected buildings, and do not run with a toilet or fence, thinking where to stick it, so that the good half does not go underground. Pathfinder implemented this principle in the same Pathfinder.

As a result, we get a beautiful settlement in the style of a post -launch, without an unnecessary “clipping” and problems accompanying it and troubles. Again, in my opinion, this is one of the most serious problems in the implemented mechanics of construction in F4, in addition to the inability to normally clear the construction site and the absence of large structures, for example buildings. This can be solved with mods, but (. ) Settlers who will inevitably come to your "Silent harbor" They will stick out at the entrance to the house, like rams, not understanding that you just need to climb the ladder and find your bed. This shelter is pronounced to the construction of your own shelter: by 20.00 local time gather in the main hall and stands a bunch of sheep, not knowing where to go. And all because the bedrooms are in another shelter sector, whose area is very large. And even if you appoint a bed to everyone, it is not a fact that the inhabitants will disperse to their schools, as logic requires. Rather, in an hour or two they are simply teleported. This refuge from the blocks prepared by reversed by reversal would be built, and it would not be better in automatic construction mode.

As another option, in most cases it would be possible to simply repair existing buildings, supplementing them with elements corresponding to the world of the game, that is, not to break the Sancuari already given in the example, but to use the “restore” option. We remember how this cottage village was before the last war, as well as recall what was the location of the whole game before. And to whom, if not GG to restore its former greatness? This option could be quite realized and less resource -fitting than the first option. Here you can even use the workbench: activated – threw off the accumulated materials – gave the task to restore the house. And so, house behind the house, building for building. As a result, we have almost the same beautiful settlement, though adjusted for a while (not so brilliant, but clean and comfortable). It is possible to build a defense, and other functionality of the settlements, according to the same principle: gained resources – chose the necessary options for fortification and arrangement and corrected "seal", at this time, passing the plot, additional.Quests and so on. This option is implemented in the game Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom. It shows a good example of this particular scheme.

And if you really want to “run with the toilet”, then there are houses for this. Here in them, you can pervert as you want, showing your design talent. By the way, it was these mods that turned out to be much better than the rest of the game, excluding the Far Harbor addition: it reminded me of the three and addition of Point Lookout – a short moment of enlightenment and return to the basics of Follych.

As a result, this passage, I agree with those who say that the regime of the construction of settlements in the form in which the developers were given there is nothing more than an attempt:

a) tighten the game;

b) fill in an empty game world;

c) at least somehow diversify the pastime in the game;

d) supplement the plot, but rather, to a greater extent, replace its absence, as well as the lack of logic.

As they once said about the second part of Bioshock-and: “This game was created not at the call of the heart, but at the call of quarterly reports”, from that, even now the people are breaking a spears, trying to answer a simple question, “what the hell is it It was?”.

P.S: About requests "Help", "Protect" You can write more than one footcloth, in addition to those jambs, the number of negative reviews about which will not fit in the truck, it will not fit into the commodity, where the volume of that M-4 times of the war in Vietnam.

In a word, if the new game is reincarnation at least "Settlement chips", You can safely wait a couple of years when the models will bring her to mind, and they will transfer to the great and mighty. But something tells me that we will play in the metro series, and in life, so to speak. size.

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