System Shock remake will remain a true original vision, and simply improve what was

Recently, Nightdive Studios has interviewed the System Shock remake, telling about the upcoming science fiction immersive shooter, and they seem to have many plans. Fans, of course, have high hopes for the game, since the original 1994 is one of the most iconic influences in the industry, and there is also no shortage of well -known modern games that were somehow inspired by System Shock, from games such as Bioshock to Dishonored.

In an interview with Nightdive Studios, they first asked how the remake initially appeared. The studio replied that this was largely due to the release of System Shock: Enhanced Edition and how the addition of the mouse’s capabilities changed the availability in this game. The introduction of such functions made me think: "What else can we do so that System Shock becomes more pleasant?".

Nightdive adds that he wants "be the right original vision" And no "to spoil what made the games special, but simply to improve what happened to bring something new for long-standing fans". With the help of a remake, the developers want the fans to understand what exactly makes System Shock unique, and at the same time made it more attractive in the modern market.

This prompted the team to discuss the problems that they faced during production, and they said that "True Understanding the Heritage System Shock" was one of the most difficult obstacles that they had to overcome. "We sacrificed our entire budget and tens of thousands of hours of work, because what we did was not "Shock", – admitted Nightdive, saying that as a result "System Shock, which we have today, is what we are sincerely proud of".

On the other hand, developers believe that to observe the development of the project for many years was the most exciting part of the development process. The team says that the game began like "a prototype created in Unity, in which there were several rooms and enemies", and then turned into FPS, which will come out soon.

When Nightdive Studios was asked how the remake will differ from the original, they replied that they introduced "Quite significant changes in a number of systems", Starting with the user interface and ending with the converted weapon. Among other additions mentioned by the developers are the disposal system, vending machines and "The most important thing is that Cyberspace is now a cheerful, intuitive game inside the game, which offers its unique tasks".

After seven years of exhausting, but at the same time useful work, Nightdive Studios is ready to ensure that System Shock: Remastered successfully released on May 30.

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