Digital Foundry has released the technical analysis of the Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 gameplay premiere

Digital Foundry conducted its first video analysis of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, analyzing the demonstration of the gameplay, shown at the latest PlayStation Showcase exhibition, wondering if it is a real jump in generation, and at the same time measuring the resolution, personnel frequency and other characteristics.

According to the same publication, the reaction to the video was ambiguous, but some features can only be evaluated with a deeper analysis.

In general, however, Digital Foundry considers Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 a large extent in a progressive evolution observed in the series, rather than a real jump in generations, with some updates applied to a good base already provided by the first Marvel’s Spider-Man, and continued by some improvements to Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

As for the resolution and frequency of personnel, DF recorded the dynamic resolution between 1296p and 1872p, at 30 FPS, at least in the mode used in the demo. The latter, however, demonstrates the presence of rays tracing in a demonstration of reflections, to which Insomniac has already accustomed us to its games on PS5.

As for the rest, the geometry of the buildings is clearly better, it looks more diverse and detailed, possibly due to the more efficient use of the streaming of ASCETS with SSD than in the previous chapters that used the base developed directly on PS4.

Apparently here he touched such a thing that he first goes to the PS5, stimulating the players to buy it, and after a while on the PS4, as it was with Hogwarts, t.To. The world is still actively ~ 70 million. PS4 and losing such a market is not permissible, so the game was not a super jump in the schedule in the schedule.

Hogwarts was originally announced to PS4.

I probably alone think that the sequel received too few changes for the sequel. This applies not only to the schedule, but also to gameplay. We saw the same game with the same animations, other skins and the ability to fly as a superman contrary to physics. I understand that people love Spider-Man and they will like this game, like the first part, but if they made more changes and improvements, this would be a victory for all of us. Instead of creating a new game, they simply added some mechanics to the previous. This is how the addition works, but not a new game. They increased the speed of movement around the city, but this does not make the game better. Slow flights, smooth animations, physics and a sense of inertia create a more pleasant game experience than quick flights on the web. A slower pace allows you to enjoy the surrounding details, and physics gives the game authenticity. If we wanted to go as soon as possible from point A to point B, we would use quick movement. The game did not add the opportunity to touch something with your feet during the flight, the surface of the earth or water with spray. This would be a gameplay, there would be an opportunity to make a mistake – what adds stress and adds to the game. For the perfect, excrete pressing R2, you could get additional glasses if you almost touch the surface. And the fact that they removed the system of assistance with stealth and the script for the signaling when the avant -navposts are simply gone. So purely my opinion, if you like it, then I hurt you and I’m glad for you, because a fan of dud in a little one since childhood.

well, it’s too early to judge that they added or not added to the game, let’s see the exit

The situation with Gow Ragnarök comes to mind. No revolution in Rafik compared to the previous part

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