Path of Exile 2 developers explained the reasons to make the game a separate release

When Path of Exile 2 was announced four years ago, it was supposed to expand and surpass Path of Exile 1. The campaign of the original role -playing game should still be playable, but Poe transformation to Path of Exile 2 would add a new campaign and changed the ending – like Overwatch 2 replaced Overwatch. Well, times are changing.

During the main Exilecon report this year, the developer Grinding Gear Games said that he changed his mind, and Path of Exile 2 will now be a separate game working in his own client.

“The scale of POE2 continues to grow and grows since the announcement in 2019,” said Grinding Gear Games, Jonathan Rogers. “At the moment, the sequel adds six new classes, 36 climbs, 600 new monsters, 100 bosses, 240 active skills, 1,500 passive skills, new mechanics and much more. This thing is just damn huge. There was a moment when we realized that our plan for replacing Poe1 with Poe2, in fact, would be to get rid of the game that people love for no particular reason. Therefore, we decided: Path of Exile 1 and 2 will be separate, with their own mechanics, balance, endheim and leagues ”.

However, two games will not be completely isolated from each other. Rogers added that intra -game purchases will be available in both games, with the exception of incompatible, and promised that it would be as if the games exist.

“Everything that you have ever bought or buy in the future can be used in both games, unless this is connected with the content of one of them,” Rogers said. “You cannot turn into a bear in Poe1, so the reskin of your bear appearance will not work. But you can absolutely equip the stunning skin of the sword that you have and use all your chests “.

At the end of the presentation, Rogers reported a little disappointing news that the beta testing of Path of Exile 2 will begin only in a year, June 7, 2024.

“Path of Exile 2 waited a long time, and we are incredibly glad that the finish line is close, but we are not quite there,” he said. “We are determined not to rush with this and make sure that everything is done correctly. Meanwhile, for POE1, much still has to “”.

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