Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth has received an age rating from ESRB

ESRB – the classification body of the United States similar to the European PEGI – shared the classification of Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. Obviously, the game has received a rating M for adults, which corresponds to European 18+. The series is known for its cruelty and many inappropriate for children, and it is not surprising for anyone that it has received such a rating.

However, the organization also shared a description of the content that cannot but cause a smile in the last sentence. In fact, we can read: “”A man with naked buttocks is depicted in a long stage, while various objects cover his genitals“.

This is clearly a reference to the scene already visible during the presentation of Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. In fact, let’s recall that Ichiban is completely naked on the beach, and the camera blocks the view of its intimate places a number of objects.

Full description of the game Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth, presented by ESRB, looks the following obrz:

This is a role -playing game in which players take on the role of former Yakuza members fighting criminal syndicates in Hawaii. Exploring Honolulu and Iokogam, players interact with the characters and fight with various enemies (for example, local gangs, street bandits) in step -by -step battles. Players take turns choosing techniques from the menu to use strokes with arms, legs and weapons (for example, pistols, knives, swords) to win enemies. Cat scenes shows cases of cruel violence: the installation of a person who strikes, chopping and beating enemies (with large plans and effects of blood splashes); The character interrogates a man, and then shoots the victim with a finger (behind the scenes); a figure pressed against the wall with metal spikes and a knife; characters are killed in the car. During the game, players can visit hostes clubs to improve the connections between group members; Players can choose from different hostesses (dressed in bikini and shorts) and watch how they dance on poles. A man with naked buttocks is depicted in a long stage, while various objects cover his genitals. The game appears in the game “F ** K” and “SH*T”.

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