The plot batined: Too Good for School will be released at the PC in early access Steam in 2024

Located in Beijing (China), publisher of the India IGR Thermite Games and the developer of the Indie-IGR O.T.K Games announced that their plot-oriented and anime-bi-em-em-up Detained: Too Good for School will be released at the PC in early access Steam in 2024 with support for text and interfaces in English, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Japanese, French, English, Ukrainian, Spanish (EU) and Portuguese (Brazil) languages.

The new trailer demonstrates a colorful mixture of explosive battles, a dynamic storyline and an incredible diversity of the gameplay, allowing players to immerse themselves in a completely interactive world and create a deep relationship.

Spend a harsh schoolgirl along the dirty streets of Swinster City after six months of imprisonment for minors. Time behind bars and the death of his brother left our heroine in a spoiled mood. Will she be able to throw out the restrained aggression on those in the criminal world who deserves this … or will become an antiheroine that destroys anyone who will stand in her way?

Fight hooligans in a dynamic and brutal combat system. Use the extensive arsenal of the created weapons and accessories, as well as more than 90 open and improved skills. Explore Swinster City from sunrise to sunset, attending classes to unlock new benefits, training in gyms, working on part-time, as well as performing side quests for extra money.

Love can bloom on the battlefield with eight romantic characters of different sexes. Go on dates to unlock plot scenes and a new ally in battle. Use partners or other NPCs that you can hire to make complex raids against the largest and most dangerous city of Swinster. Or become the number one enemy, beating civilians – just try to avoid police officers.

Will our wayward main character be able to change her act and become a hero that the city needs? Will it become a victim of corruption and dangerous criminal authority? You will find more than a dozen endings with many fate.

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