The final beta testing of a real-time strategy has started MEN of War 2

Fulqrum Publishing Publishing House and Best Way announced the beginning of the final final beta testing of MEN OF WAR 2, which will be held from August 10 to 14.

This weekend dedicated to final beta testing, fans will receive access to the game for the third time before releasing September 20, 2023 in Steam, Epic Games Store and other digital stores. It can be downloaded for free on the Men of War 2 page in Steam, where players can immediately go and register for access today.

During open beta testing, players will be able to test the classic Men of War 2 modes-a function that is very popular by the community, which will return players to the multiplayer regime of previous Men of War games. Players can simply choose which nation they want to play for, and immediately get access to all the units of this nation in every match. There are no battalions and echelons, and the player evokes his strength based on a combination of the individual timer of each unit, as well as his own pool of the player’s resources.

Meanwhile, fans who seek new impressions can check the “Realism” mode, which offers a higher chance to disable and capture enemy equipment, fewer visual clues regarding the appearance and health of their units, a more limited range of weapons and much more. The gameplay is changing.

This final open beta version is based on the reviews of the communities of thousands of players who have already played, tested and expressed their thoughts about the previous two public tests on all issues, from the balance of units to improvements in optimization. The version in this beta version will accurately reflect the full experience of the release, with additional functions, a lot of content and other modes added when starting. Developers will continue to work on polishing and balancing based on fresh reviews of players about this beta version. The progress of players and preservation in this open beta testing will not be transferred to the release.

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