New screenshots from the future DLC Western Balkans for Euro Truck Simulator 2 – through large cities

It’s no secret that in the upcoming supplement of West Balkans for Euro Truck Simulator 2 there will be quite many different cities. However, some of the large cities will not only contain many details and attractions, but will also allow drivers to travel around their center!


Welcome to Sarajevo, a city where a centuries -old story, a bright culture and breathtaking landscapes are combined. As the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is often called the place where the East meets with the West, since its architecture often demonstrates contrast depending on where you are in the city.

The parts of the city that developers will portray in DLC include the area around the Milyatsk River flowing through Sarajevo. This includes Street “Story Kulin Ban”, the intersection of the street in the center of the city “Zamya Oda Bosne” and the intersection “Speed ​​Loop”.

Among the city bustle, drivers also need to monitor the trams running throughout the city.


Against the background of the rocky mountains, a tyrant is located, the capital of Albania. Thanks to colorful architecture and rich cultural heritage, it is often called the pearl of Western Balkans.

Here you will find not only a noisy urban atmosphere, but also many green zones, including a large Tirana park (Park-I-Madh) with an artificial lake and a view of the city.

Drivers visiting the tyrant will be able to travel along the main road network of the city, known as “Rruga Theodore Kko”, which offers a route near the center and access to local enterprises.


School, the heart of Kosovo, meets visitors with a combination of traditions and progress. Its busy streets combine Ottoman and Balkan influence, which makes it a unique and dynamic city.

Here you can find a combination of old and new architecture, from historical buildings to modern buildings, such as Lacriste. Drivers will be able to pass through the city center through lively areas, such as the northern district “Core-e-thimava”.

The truth is said that each city has its own unique charm and character and the city of Western Balkans is no exception. Developers are looking forward to allowing you to explore these historical lands for yourself in the future, but so far do not forget to add DLC Western Balkans to your Steam desire list!

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