Throne and Liberty gets good reviews after a debut in Korea

The launch of Throne and Liberty in South Korea on Thursday, as expected, turned out to be a big event. Amendment: too big an event, because NCSoft incorrectly estimated the number of people who wish (this is a surprise) that it led to a rather big problem with queues.

A few hours after the opening on the leading servers, the creation of new characters had to be blocked. NCSOFT, in the end, opened new worlds and increasing the power of existing servers.

However, it is worthwhile that the popularity of Throne and Liberty is also accompanied by quality.

Having improved the pumping of the character, having converted the interface, removing the autoboy function and completely processing the combat system, Throne and Liberty receives very good reviews from their players (Korean and Western, who bought/created an account using VPN).

People praise excellent optimization, a bright open world, amazing graphics (this is one of the most beautiful Mmorpg in the market) and a cool gameplay, which may not belong to Neksten, but is a curtsy towards the classic representatives of the genre.

The game is amazing and works great. It is impressive what they managed to do in comparison with other MMORPG on UE4.

They returned Massive to MMORPG, there are a lot of people everywhere, and thanks to a well-implemented technical engine, you can easily see 50-100+ people in the city performing quests and so on.

The fighter was a very important factor for me, regardless of whether I will try it or not. Most of all I liked the battles in MMORPG, where there were more action than the tabs, I liked the battles in GW2 most of all, and I must say that this game is a little like Rift and GW2, mixed together.

The game gives the impression of a very polished. Much attention to the details. It is not perfect, but definitely looks like developers spent a lot of time on it.

For some reason, many skills and movements of the characters look exactly as I remember them from L2. For me this is a plus.

The English-speaking Throne and Liberty will appear somewhere in 2024. The version will be conditionally paid and will spread Amazon Games (New World).

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