Update 1.6 is already close? The creator of Stardew Valley published a mysterious message

Stardew Valley is a real phenomenon that boasts exemplary support from the developer, and the fans are delighted with this. This is manifested, for example, that every message of Eric Baron, better known as Conceertape, meets great interest. Recently, usually a silent developer has been publishing more and more information about Stardew Valley. His last message in a few hours was viewed almost 2 million. once raised a lot of questions.

In his profile X (Twitter) Concertape posted a screenshot, which depicts a golden parrot on a blue object with the letter j. The ocean (or sea) extends in the background, and sand is visible around. Interestingly, the Creator did not attach any description to the image. Therefore, players began to look for a hidden meaning and tied the letter J with the well -known Jojamart greedy corporation. There were also assumptions that Joja is going to start the construction of his headquarters on the ginger island, which may mean a further expansion of the corporation. Judging by the comments under the post, gamers will not be happy with such a development of events.

It is worth noting that the developer, which is known for very rarely shares information about his game, has recently become more active in social networks. He recently said that he created a frame for an avatar, which can be bought for Steam glasses, and even earlier boasted, that for 10 years he has been posting his music on Bandcamp and you can listen to it for free. He also said that he has a secret profile on this service that he is possible, "will reveal after 10 years".

Such activity may mean (or may not mean) that the long -awaited update 1.6 is close to completion and that the Creator creates a hype around him with his messages. Is it really? It is hoped that yes.

It is also worth recalling that Eric Baron also works on the Haunted Chocolatier and recently published a message from which we can conclude that these two products can be somehow interconnected.

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