The host designer Skyrim said that he played a role -playing game of 1000 hours – “and 950 of these hours it was broken”

Bruce Nesmita, a former Bethesda veteran, leading designer The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, said he "played in Skyrim, probably 1000 hours", And "950 of these hours the game was broken".

In a recent interview, Minnmax has touched up a number of topics, one of which – as the developers recharge between large, fleshy projects, which, of course, demand to play preliminary assembly again and again, until all mistakes are eliminated and non -working details are fixed. "Partly, any large project is tired by the fact that it is all the same in it", – He says, citing Skyrim as an example. "I played Skyrim, probably 1000 hours. 950 of these hours he was broken.

By definition, we still created the game, and it could not be nothing more than broken. This does not mean that Bethesda is bad. In any studio, these 950 hours you play a broken game. And moreover, you play the same damn thing again and again, again and again. Now that the project is completed, we move to Fallout or work on this DLC. We are not going to start from the very beginning, but this is the most exciting part, when there are all ideas and all that. And this also helps to recharge with energy. But there is an old proverb that is certainly the main one in Bethesda: "If it were easy, everyone would have done it".

Netimit also highly appreciates the Bethesda approach to help developers in restoring forces between launches, explaining that the studio "It is very good to give people time to rest at the end of the project, so when the project is completed, you do not immediately start a new job".

He adds that there are many holidays in the studio, people take well -deserved vacations, and reigns "A very calm atmosphere", But at the same time, the studio is good in that "gives you something new that you can plunge with your head", What is connected with his remark about fatigue, which can come when you look through the same preliminary material again and again.

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