The cancellation of PVE in Overwatch 2 hit the players after a long wait: “Overwatch 1 died for this?”

The long -awaited PVE regime in Overwatch 2 died, and many players who did not lose hope, playing in continuation feel depressed.

Blizzard will nevertheless add to Overwatch 2 a certain PVE component, but the promised and elaborated plot regime, which helped many fans to reconcile with the departure from Overwatch 1 was destroyed. Executive producer Jared Neus said in Stream developers that "These things are no longer included in our plans", because "It is clear that we cannot realize the initial vision of PVE".

As expected, the Overwatch 2 community is between disappointment and a breakdown and very often you can see the question "Overwatch 1 died for this?".

The PVE system was not represented as an insignificant feature of Overwatch 2; It was a fundamental element of a new game. He was repeatedly put off for later, and now that this time has come, most of the presented content was canceled. PVE will still be, but clearly cut, and players mourn the lost time.

In addition, this news only resumed and strengthened the debate about why Overwatch 2 was to become a big renewal, and not an independent sequel.

"That is, you want to say that we went through months of lack of content only for the sake of 5v5 and Push?!" – The Reddit user asks in one of the most popular comments.

Everything, including some developers from Blizzard, seem to agree that this whole situation is simply terrible, even if it is presented as a victim necessary for the health of the game. Comments on YouTube, Twitter, Reddi and Blizzard forums are a different range of disappointments and rage. The YouTube video drowned in diesel. The only positive point is that the PVP side of the game can benefit from resources that have been released as a result of the cancellation, and, again, there will still be a PVE of the mission, but nothing will make ambitables of the severity of this news.

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