Owner actor Baldur’s Gate 3 revealed the approximate number of replicas voiced by him

Despite the fact that the protagonist Baldur’s Gate 3 is mostly silent during conversations with the NPC, the actor voicing the male version of this character said that he wrote down for the project "much more than a four -digit number" replicas.

Information about the number of replicas recorded for the protagonist of the game (which many players call Tav, as this is the name of the character by default, if the player does not decide to change him), is based on an unsolved number of comments on the network that has been made for five months already made actor of voiceing the character Josh Vichard. The actor’s comments were discovered on Saturday by Reddit Hellodarknessu user.

Of course, this is a rather extensive figure, since a four -digit number of replicas can be from 1,000 to 9,999 replicas, but the fact that Vichard said that the number "much more" This seems to indicate that the final number of recorded replicas for the character will be calculated at least a few thousand. This is especially interesting, since in the assembly of the early access Baldur’s Gate 3, which was released in 2020 at the PC and contains the first of the five acts of the game, the main character, as a rule, is silent during real conversations with non -game characters that are not part of his own team. And it seems that these conversations will be left without voice acting and after the full version of the game. To the question of one of the fans (during the original series of comments) about whether the voiced replicas were recorded for him for "moments of thought and interaction of the parties, and not for all possible dialogs", The actor of the voice acting simply answered: "Yes!".

The reaction to the publication of information about the number of replicas of the protagonist seemed to cause a very positive response among those who are eager to play the full version of the game. "Really. But 4,000 variations "I am on my way", "I found something", "ay", "Urgh" or "What is this?" – This is already good".

"It seems that we can get a replica for almost every possible situation in the world, with individual remarks for all noticeable oddities", – The user Reddit commented. "This is a very impressive amount, given that Tav is silent during the dialogue!" – Added another. "Dude, every tiny piece of information shows that the scale of this game is just crazy".

Modern role -playing games are very dependent on the interaction between the characters to immerse players in the game world. There were already many disputes on the Internet between Baldur’s Gate 3 fans and the upcoming spacecraft of Starfield from Bethesda, and the game director of Starfield Todd Howard lasted that his game has already contained more than 250,000 lines of dialogs.

Nevertheless, the fact that the voiced remarks were recorded does not mean that they will be used in the game, but a large number of replicas recorded for the character, who often remained without a voice during conversations, makes us think about how talkative the rest would be characters Baldur’s Gate 3. We will have to wait and see how talkative the rest of the characters will be when the full version of the game will be released on a PC in the next Thursday, August 3, and on PlayStation September 5 – 6.

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