The next update for Last Epoch will add a new class and official Russian localization to the game

On Gamescom 2023 Working studio Eleventh Hour Games shared plans for the future relatively Last Epoch, as well as the details of the upcoming large content update. Patch 0.9.2 will receive the name “Runes of Power“And will be released on September 7. He will introduce a new class into the game – Master of runes (Runemaster, Magic class skill). The update will also include the localization of eight new languages ​​(Chinese, French, German, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, English and Spanish), a new in-game event called “runic prison”, in which “experimental” affixes of objects that are inaccessible somewhere else in the game, as well as dozens of new monsters, quests updates, unique objects and much more can be obtained as a reward. More detailed renewal details will appear in the near future.

Now the game is in early access. The release in the game will present a trading system and two factions to which players will be able to join – "Guild of merchants" And "The circle of fortune".

English localization is good.

After adding English localization, this game can now be bought in the same Steam. Moreover, they say that this is one of the best deacaboids today.

Everything is so, I bought the game right away, something about 300 rubles. I did not regret it then, and now I am very happy.

it did not cost at the very beginning of 300r. It was only an hour or half an hour for 600 rubles, then the inconspication raised the price to 900r

Well, yes, I forgot something, took for 619 rubles.

500r paid, for a very long time.

Gorgeous game, one of these in which you do not notice how the watch passes behind her.

How is it in comparison with Poy and the makeup long ago ?

As Lamych noted, from people for people, everything is simple, nice, elementary
The game has a pleasant palette and there is no million effects like

It feels like very similar feelings that the makeup is Don, even though games are played a little differently. And gameplay is similar to the wolves, although 3 heads are better done.

Compared to Poe – the risk of the failure of the experiment with the build is not so fatal, you can try something new without afraid to lose everything. Compared to the State Duma – acts are faster, combinations are more unique and interact with each other denser than just % to damage.

And the number of enemies ? infuriates when there are a billion on a square.centimeter .. There is a plot ?

I hope the localization was brought to mind. What was shown in the spring at the Devstim looked unconvincing: machine translation, left standard fonts.

I also hope for an adequate translation. It will be possible to plunge normally into the game.

The only problem of this game, well, a very long development process, although it is an indie company, but still under the wing is not the poorest Terosent, but promised to make the game seasonal Alya, Diablo, as a result, they are fed in patch for six months for 7 years, honestly even speaking any hopes for the game have not been left over all these years. They also raised the price of the game by 2 times, I would have to increase the development pace by 2 times and finally give the players, what was promised. As a result, it turned out that the game is morally obsolete and they are already engaged in banal processing of acts, because according to current realities they look just terrible. Yes, the project is good, if you just start playing it, it is much easier than the same Poh at the same time has a good flexible system of skills and their combinations, interesting craft, it will tighten you for 100+ hours, but the game is no longer able to keep the players, in view of a rather modest the number of activities in Endheim, which is quite boring and quickly boring, it is possible to introduce an auction into the game and seasons would breathe a new life into the game, but so far the incisions are not very in a hurry to do it. But even in this state, it is a cut above the same Diablo 4, if you get a choice to buy for 1200 Epoch or D4 flows for 6k, choosing a flip an och you will not lose))

Is it a diablo clone or how? who knows?

Yes Diablo already a clone itself)

Diablo 4 is similar to a Korean lustark than Diablo

The eckelet of the ARC is more diverse and much better played, and also an interesting company)

When these clowns on the developers will release the game in a full release, the game has been in development for 7 years and is cooked in early access .

This is an indie company, it does not have so many resources to do everything quickly) in fact 5 years in development

Well, yes, tencent there are just for a checkmark

Tensent has a share of almost every company of the gaming company, this does not mean that they are invested in each) in every one)

Then I will go and play it when there will be English localization, and before that it is not naked there.

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